Please Support the Fund for Gahan Wilson

Brianna Wu for Congress 2020

Barbie Turns 60 and She Looks Great!  (Looks diverse, intelligent, competent, adventurous, more human….)

This Robot Tank Won’t Kill Anybody…Yet and Killer Robot Video


Wild, Wild, Weird West

When Skruls Attack

Wings Checking In

The Final Issue of Rat Sass is Coming This April

Daniel Kimmel Nails Captain Marvel Review (helps that I agree with him)

Spielberg SF Project Announced

Hey – The Orville is Serious!

20 Best SF Films on Netflix  (best is relative)


Latest Update on ST: Discovery Infringement Lawsuit

Ellison Tribute Anthology in the Making

Delany’s Complete Neveryon Set

The Multiverse is Calling for Papers

The Tiniest Books  (and I thought they meant Big Little Books)

Captain Marvel has NOT Destroyed the MCU (Whiney Little Fan Boy Trolls are pissing this guy off)


 New Take on the Fermi Paradox

Hard Rock Miners Might Not Be Able to do the Trick

Oceanic Heat Waves

More Interplanetary Mining Problems

Of Course Women’s History Month Should Feature an All Female Space Walk

Even in 2019, They’re Still Discovering Ancient Mysteries in Hidden Caves

Splash Down!  (in the Atlantic, No Less)

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