SPECIAL NOTEReal Star Trek The Orville Returns THIS evening


“Racial Dot Map” Reveals Interesting Clusters

Kima Jones Founder of Jack Jones Literary Arts

You can get it, but scientists can’t.  Marijuana Research Stymied

National Institute of Health’s Plumbing was Hiding an Infectious Bacteria

If you’re into BDSM, you might be infected with Toxoplasmosis, the Cat Lady virus.

The Headline is Clickbait.  Less than 1 tenth of 1 percent of scientific papers are retracted.  Don’t let this become a hit piece of scientific research

On the reading of biblical passages from space

ISIS and American Religious Terrorism

Bookstore Tackles Sexism in Publishing


The Teaser for Ian’s Realm, a crowd-funded film project based on the fantasy series by D.L. Gardner, has dropped

Trailer for Jordan Peele’s followup to Get Out Released

32 White Horses Charity Anthology Released

How to write a “winning” author’s bio on Facebook

No Love Lost Between early Fantasists:  Tolkein’s Instructions Regarding Disney

More Haffner Press:  Bloch’s Vampire Stories Collection, with a cover by Gahan Wilson

If Superhero Babies Were Kept in the Maternity Ward

Ironman Gets a New Suit

He Man Gets the Treatment

“…and then it exploded”.  SF Transportation not safe at any speed

SF Films Coming in 2019

Trimbles Celebrate Nichelle (Uhura) Nichol’s 86th Birthday

David Bunch’s Fiction Gets the WAPO Treatment

Reader’s Guide to Disc World

Now they’re teaching Harry Potter in Film Class

Star Trek Fandom at the Crossroads


Michael Swanwick, master of words, waxes eloquent on the advantages of typos (if which I hope there are none in the preceding)

Mall World Return?  SP Somtow is looking for four more Patreon subscribers before kicking off a return to Mall World

Emanations, Volume 7 Released

Haffner Press Releases the Latest Kuttner Volume

Billie Sue Mosiman, author, has passed

Watershed year for expiring copyrights

Illustrating my contention that “niches” have gone too far, this teaser: Foundryside is a cyberpunk adventure wrapped in an epic fantasy novel

B&N’s Best Reads from 2018

Did Warner Brothers Plagiarize Youtube Fight Scenes?

The 7 Best Ways to Read Digital Comics

The Typography of Science Fiction and a Collection of Free SF Fonts

TOR’s January Fantasy Releases

Doctorow Reviews Damon Knight’s Why Do Birds?  (better get your used copy now, they’re few, far between and expensive…but I got mine)

Young Muslims are Inspired by SF Visions

The Best Reads for your New Kindle

6 Ways Star Trek Can Move Forward (Mirror Universe series.  Effin do it! already)


The Super Blood Wolf Moon is Coming (me, I want to know what the “super” is modifying…)

You can’t see it (duh) but this image shows the capture of a single atom

Astronaut Anders (Apollo 8) is “scathing” in his criticism of NASA.  (Bet he never read Malzberg’s Beyond Apollo)

If you want to be a space traveler, you have to pass the Karmin Line

Chinese Scientists Turn Copper into “almost-gold”. Ummm.  No

The BBC’s Top Ten Science Stories of 2018

Wired’s Most Read Science Stories of 2018

Predicting the Top Science Stories of 2019

Samsung TV’s to Include Ports for keyboards (don’t buy all-in-ones.  when “one” fails, all fail)

Hole in Space:  ISS Capsule Hole Mystery Deepens (yeah, but what I want to know is how someone managed to stowaway long enough to drill the damn thing)

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