After Bleeding Cool Interviews Vox Day, IndieGoGo Axes Latest Alt-Hero Comic Campaign
Bleeding Cool interviewed Vox Day about his nascent comics publishing business in “Vox Day: Altered States of America” [Internet Archive link — but see Update] . Day’s Castalia House imprint Arkhaven Comics has published 22 comic books and graphic novels

Pixel Scroll 10/10/18 I Grow Old, I Grow Old, I Shall Wear The Bottoms Of My Pixels Scrolled
SCA DEATH. A longtime member accidentally killed himself while riding at a Society for Creative Anachronism event in Kentucky. SFGate has the story —“Man is impaled, dies in ‘freak accident’ during medieval horseback stunt”. It happened Saturday during the

Worldcon 76 Masquerade Results
By John Hertz: The 76th World Science Fiction Convention Masquerade was Saturday 18 Aug 18. I was one of the judges. Decades ago the Masquerade, as its name suggests, was a dress-up party. By the 1960s it had evolved to

Pixel Scroll 10/12/18 Good Pixels Make Good Scrolls
MARVEL FIRES CHUCK WENDIG FROM STAR WARS PROJECTS. Chuck Wendig is off the Shadow of Vader comic books team announced just a week ago at New York Comic Con, and off an as-yet-unannounced Star Wars book. This is the

Condé Wins 2018 New Academy Prize in Literature
Maryse Condé is the laureate of the 2018 New Prize in Literature, presented by Den Nya Akademin (DNA – “The New Academy”), a private initiative organized among Swedish culture workers because no Nobel Prize for Literature will be given in

ANZAPA 50th Anniversary Celebration Photos
Jack Herman took these photos of the fans at the 50th anniversary of ANZAPA held in Melbourne on October 7: Top photo: (Standing:) Helena Binns, taking her photo at the side; James ‘Jocko’ Allen; Terry Morris; Kam-Hung Soh; Mervyn Binns,

Pixel Scroll 10/11/18 My Pixels Touched Dog Pixels! Agh!
F&SF. Gordon Van Gelder shared F&SF’s Nov/Dec 2018 issue cover: (2) ISS CREW OKAY AFTER FAILED TAKEOFF. Astronauts bound for the ISS safely returned when their rocket failed soon after launch — “Space crew survives plunge to Earth after

Pitch In For Octocon
Octocon, the Irish National Science Fiction Convention, is a week away and finds itself in a bind. The committee has opened a Octocon GoFundMe appeal. James Bacon encourages people to donate. This is quite important, Octocon is a week away!

2019 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Candidates
LeVar Burton, Judy Blume, Patrick Ness and Eric Carle are among the 246 candidates from 64 countries nominated to the 2019 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. The candidates were presented at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 11 by ALMA-jury chair Boel Westin.

Science News Roundup 10/10/18
Compiled by Carl Slaughter: An abundance of planets with an abundance of water “Scientists say the likelihood of ‘water world’ exoplanets is high, which is good news for aliens” If you hope to one day wake up to the news

WHO IS NUMBER ONE. Patrick McGoohan had to keep asking but Star Trek answered the question right away: “‘Star Trek: Discovery’s Rebecca Romijn Releases First Look Photo Of Number One”. Romijn will play Number One (a character featured in

ANZAPA at 50
Down Under they celebrated the 50th anniversary of the amateur press association ANZAPA on October 7 in Melbourne. Here’s a report from Bruce Gillespie — Thanks to everybody who turned up to the ANZAPA 50th Anniversary celebration at the Mail

2018 Parsec Awards Finalists
The 2018 Parsec Awards finalists were announced October 6. The juried award recognizes excellence in speculative fiction podcasting. Congratulations to nominees Scott Edelman (Eating the Fantastic), Mur Lafferty and S.B. Divya (Escape Pod)! The full list follows the jump.

Pixel Scroll 10/8/18 And We Are Her Sisters, And Her Cousins, And Her Ancillaries
RECESS IS OVER. File 770 was down for approximately 7 hours today, for reasons never fully explained by customer support, except they were “actively working” on a server problem. Well, to quote Sam Gamgee, “I’m back.” (2) WHO WATCHED.

Good Omens – Official Teaser Trailer
There’s now a trailer advertising TV adaptation of Pratchett and Gaiman’s Good Omens. The end is nigh. #GoodOmens: Coming to Prime Video in 2019. Based on the best-selling novel by renowned authors Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, this series follows

Pixel Scroll 10/7/18 They’re Pixelling Scrolls At Buckingham Palace, Christopher Robin Went Down With Alice
R.U.R. BEING SERVED? NPR says “The Robots Are Coming To Las Vegas”. How long will people pay to see a robot arm mix a cocktail, in slow motion and without conversation? At the Vdara Hotel and Spa in Las

Premio Italia 2018
The 2018 Premio Italia ceremony was held at Stranimoni 2018 in Milan on October 6. Winners were presented with the new-design award trophy inspired by the “monolith” from 2001 A Space Odyssey. has the

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