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Katherine Johnson Honored

First Person Shooter:  Shootings at Gaming Event

Oligarchs Behaving Badly


Village Voice Closing

ERICA and what it means to be human

AI is a Threat to Female Empowerment


The reviews are in!  At least one, anyway.  SFRevu has posted coverage of our Fall 2018 issue and finds plenty of good things to say about our fiction!

Flubbom:  Venom & Flubber Mashup

Forbidden Planet’s Unusual Soundscape was a pioneering effort; THIS is the audtion that didn’t make it

DS9 Paved the Way for Batttlestar Galactica

and DS9 Changed Star Trek for the Better

Nuclear Weapons Nerds ARE a thing (I’m not sure I want to meet any of the collectors)

DIY Submarines (alka-seltzer not required)

SF is funny.  No, I mean, REALLY funny!

Shatner Won’t Reprise KIrk Role…but he does have a new album out

Deanna Troi’s character evolution

Threatening to become a ‘thing’:  Shatner or Pine?


NZ Wins Worldcon Bid

New Release:  Tarzan Conquers Mars!

SF Romance:  It’s not just beach reads anymore

Epic Nerd Camp

Denouncing ComicsGate

What Happens at Worldcon Doesn’t Stay at Worldcon

September Releases

The Importance of World Building


Our solar system is much like many others, increasing hopes for finding exo-Earths

Parker Probe and Venus Meet Up

NASA and Space-X Agree on How to Handle Launches

The Case Against Rockets

How to Make an Ant Think It Is Dead

Moon & Aurora Borealis Put on NH Light Show

Hawking Holes:  Black Holes from OTHER universes

First Astronaut Withdraws From Program

Quantum Computer Games (The only way to lose is not to play)

Mars Dust Storm may kill Opportunity Rover

and now, LIVE from the International Space Station – EARTH!

A Monster Galaxy is Spawning Stars at a Furious Rate

Time to Change the Galactic Street Signs

Going Back to the Moon will not be as expensive as it once was

The End of the World was Predicted by Computer in 1973

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