File 770’s coverage was briefly impacted by Mike Glyer’s deciding to go cyborg; things are now returning to normal. Hugo Award results.

2018 Hugo Winners
The winners of the 2018 Hugo Awards, John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) Award for Best Young Adult Book were announced on Sunday, August 19, 2018, at the 76th World Science Fiction

Remembering Ray Bradbury on his Birthday
By Steve Vertlieb: Here is my affectionate tribute to cherished friend Ray Bradbury, whose loving presence occupied my world and my heart for nearly four decades. Born August 22, 1920, Ray would have turned 98 years young today. Ray was

Faux Scroll 8/23/18 The Fan Who Was Thursday
WHAT’S UP DOC? They’re going to put heart pacemaker in me this afternoon. I’ve been able to get online for a little while before prepping. Will be back soon as I can. Add your own items in the comments

File 770 Joins Club Cyborg
My pacemaker procedure has been a success — making me a new member of Club Cyborg (as Neil Clarke called it in comments). I will be discharged from the hospital today. Will I do a Scroll today? We’ll all find

Winners of Three or More Consecutive Hugos in Same Category
N.K. Jemisin winning her third consecutive Best Novel Hugo is an extraordinary achievement. It’s something that’s never happened in that category before, and required a perfect conjunction of eligible novels, quality, and popularity. — In fact, I haven’t found another

Pixel Scroll 8/22/18 If All The Pixels At File 770 Were Scrolled End To End, I Wouldn’t Be At All Surprised
WORLDCON 76 ATTENDANCE. Kevin Standlee blogged this first-cut attendance figure on Monday: A tentative membership count (subject to clean up after the convention) of warm bodies on site for Worldcon 76 is 5,440 individual human beings who attended the

Utah Voted 2019 NASFiC
The unopposed 2019 NASFiC bid for Layton, Utah was officially awarded the con by a site selection vote conducted at Worldcon 76. The bid received 171 votes out of 192 votes cast. The convention is being called Spikecon and will

Pixel Scroll 8/21/18 When The Deep Pixel Scrolls Over Sleepy Filer Walls
OPENING MONOLOGUE. Thanks for everyone’s congratulations about the Hugo and kind wishes for my health. Back with a short scroll while I’m still in the hospital (for medical issues (which I’m not going to plaster all over the internet,

Live Coverage of 2018 Hugo Ceremony – Stay Tuned
At the Hugo Awards Web Site, Kevin Standlee has compiled the available information about 2018 Hugo Ceremony coverage: WHEN: The 2018 Hugo Awards Ceremony begins Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. North American Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7). Master of Ceremonies

Worldcon 76 Update from Mike Glyer
I would like to let you all know that I was taken to the hospital this morning after experiencing a bad episode of dizziness. They have run some tests and given me some medication, and I am feeling much better,

Worldcon 76 Open Post for August 19
Seen anything to comment about while you’re out and about at Worldcon 76 on Sunday? Business meeting? Hugo ceremony tonight? Chime in!

Pixel Scroll 8/18/18 With Pixelled Hide And Scrolly Horn
Much as I’d like to do more, I’ve got a long day tomorrow… (1) DAILY NEWZINE. Read the Worldcon 76 daily zine here. Issue 0 (Wednesday Late) Issue 1 (Thursday Early) Issue 2 (Thursday Late) Issue 3 (Friday Early) Issue

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