AMAZING NEWS: 8-26-2018

SPECIAL NOTE:  This week’s news roundup also contains last week’s news round up

SPECIAL NOTE:  Congratulations to all of the 2018 Hugo Award Winners and Finalists

SPECIAL NOTE:  Congratulations to Kevin Roche and Worldcon76 Staff.  You did it!

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Someone Didn’t Show Up at Their Own Something

Old News Mainstream Media Rallies, (This Faded Fast, huh?)

DefCon Easily Hacks Voting Machines


A New Pic of The Captains

A Boy and His Dog?

Ad Free StarShipSofa

BOLO:  Harcourt Mudd

Comics for Fans

Discovery, Maybe with More Sybok


New Zealand Gets 2020 Worldcon

Heliosphere Adds GoH

Silver Linings Robots

SF Isn’t Reality

Paris by Gaslight Call for Submissions

Stray Books

AI in SF

SF&F Releases – B&N

SF Books in the Kids Section of the Library


Watch Meteors with NASA

Cool Animation – Moons & Planetoids

Plastic Pollution

Israeli Inventions From tthe Future

OMG:  A Really BIG Asteroid is Nearing Earth (if 3 million miles is “nearing”)

Room Temp Superconductivity?  Maybe

Ocean Worlds

Robots Influence Children

Orion Gets Heat Shield

Russia’s Hypersonic Waverider

Robots for Autism Therapy

The Moon Has Ice

The Soul Nebula

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