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Pride Month Spotlight: Sarah McBride

Attacking Intellectualism by Charging Elitism

In 2018, Thanos erased half the universe’s population and Marvel continues to erase Queer Characters

Help for Dogs Suffering from Canine Megaesophogus

Parents Pushing Back Against Evangelical Abstinence Sex Ed Programs

Stories with Complicated Female Leads do not get Hollywood Support


If You Need a Break From SF Dystopias, Try These Stories

Are the X-Men Going to Join the MCU?

Rotten Tomatoes Assembles Top 100 SF TV Show List

Jean Luc ‘May’ have a good reason to watch Star Trek: Discovery

Adults Kids!  Now You Can Drive Your OWN Landspeeder!

OMG:  Harry Potter IS Just LIke Star Wars!

Retro Sci Fi Theater (and we do mean skiffy!)


Dejah Thoris Comic Book

KAAAAAAAAHN! First Heard 36 Years Ago

We Bought A Jurassic Park mashup

The Shape of You for Chemists

Hospital Pain Scale Redone with Classic Paintings

Game of Thrones Prequel Pilot

The Goonies can no longer be trusted

Saturn Awards Honoring Top Executives

Best of WHO Roundup

Picnic at Hanging Rock Remake

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Comic

How to Train Your Dragon (3) Trailer

Star Trek Actors Want Us To Forget They Did This

Flat Earth Society is Global (Think about it)

The Unremarked Sixth Finger

“Hereditary” is Terrifying (Hah!  Meet MY family!)


Curiosity Finds Bio Building Blocks and Surface Methane on Mars

Brian Greene’s Three Biggest Science Mysteries

Tinder for Science Writers:  Web of Science Author Connect

Not Returning to ConCarolinas

No Longer Working at DragonCon

Also No Longer Working at DragonCon

TOR June Releases

NBC Seeking Directors

His Dark Materials Signs Actors

Call for Radio Dramas


Do We REALLY Need to Know WHY We Love Kittens? (Or SJW credentials need no explanations)

Biophoton Brain:  Some are arguing that this means our brains are bio-quantum computers

Wold-Newton Redux:  Small asteroid impacts Earth

Telepresence-Bot Looks Ominous

Clean Room Bacteria Eat Cleaning Supplies and are Very Clean

Drones are Getting more Accessible

Is NASA out of step with the public’s priorities?

Oldest Fossilized Footprints Discovered

Revisiting the Big Bang Theory Before it was a TV Show

DNA Shapes can be Manipulated to make Tiny Machines

Are Your Dolphins Happy?

Jupiter’s Lightning Explained

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