Amazing Stories Kickstarter Selected as a “Kickstarter Project We Love” by Kickstarter

Amazing Stories Project Now designated as a Kickstarter Project We Love!

With 22 hours remaining on our campaign, Kickstarter HQ has just informed us that THE RETURN OF AMAZING STORIES AS A PRINT MAGAZINE! is now a Featured Project on Kickstarter’s Projects We Love!

Here’s the message from KickstarterL


We’re huge fans of your project and it’s now being featured as a Project We Love on Kickstarter. Don’t worry about creating any badges or banners (seriously), we’ve added a neat little one right on your project image and project page.

What does this mean? It means that Kickstarter itself is taking a hand in promoting the campaign to its millions of followers. Check it out – (CLICK on the image to go to the campaign)

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