Figure 1 – Russian New Year

Welcome back! That time has come again, when I look back at the year we’ve just finished. I hope you missed me; I took all of December off to do some fiction writing. I did some; I didn’t finish enough, however. I have to work on that this year! It appears that in 2017 I published 37 columns in the virtual pages of Amazing Stories Online. I’m hoping to better that this year, as well as to publish more fiction.

I got a couple of things out (published) last year, and I’m hoping to better that as well. (By the way, Figure 1 was stolen from a Scottish-Russian party ad. I changed the date to the 9th, which is my birthday… next week! But I’m not having a party. I’m mumbly-ump years old this year!) On to the column listing!



Column 170: January 6, 2017—WELCOME TO 2017, and 2016’s LIST OF COLUMNS Self-explanatory, really. Last year’s list.
Column 171: January 13, 2017—Down Under Video Reviews: “Red Billabong” and “Glitch” An Australian TV series & an Aussie movie reviewed.
Column 172: January 20, 2017—A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE REVIEWS (A Review) Also self-explanatory. The new Netflix series.

Figure 2 – Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf

Column 173: January 27, 2017—MOVIE REVIEWS: THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE and THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS Two movie reviews; one very good, one poor (the movies, not the reviews!).
Column 174: February 3, 2017—REVIEWS: RIVERDALE and FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION (Jan-Feb 2017)  The title says it all.
Column 175: February 17, 2017—RETRO DAYS: ROBERT A. HEINLEIN and SPIDER ROBINSON In which I talk about Spider & R.A.H.
Column 176: February 24, 2017—TIME ENOUGH FOR HEINLEIN—RAH, S/F, AND SEX! A look at Heinlein’s use of nudity & sex in SF.
Column 177: March 3, 2017—RETRO: OF MOSCON AND HEINLEIN AND VERNA In which I talk about a convention in Moscow, Idaho, these many years ago!
Column 178: March 10, 2017—RETRO REVIEW: ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S THE DOOR INTO SUMMER I review a favourite book of Heinlein’s.
Column 179: March 17, 2017—A “SHORT” CAPSULE REVIEW AND SOME CAPSULE REVIEWS A capsule review of the Short movie and others.

Figure 3 – My Press Pass from Denvention (Worldcon 1981)

Column 181: March 31, 2017—REVIEW: HIDDEN FIGURES (A FEEL-GOOD MOVIE!) A review of one of the best movies of the year!
Column 182: April 7, 2017—NEW REVIEW, OLDER MOVIE: TIME LAPSE (2014) A new review of an older movie. I like retro reviewing!
Column 183: April 21, 2017—A FAREWELL; MAR-APR F&SF; AND NORWESCON 40! Vicki Mitchell obituary, Norwescon, and F&SF!
Column 184: May 5, 2017—TWO FAVOURABLE REVIEWS AND A BLURB Book reviews: Alternative Truths, and Raffalon plus a movie: Void—good stuff!

Figure 4 – Brain Twister cover by John Schoenherr

Column 185: May 12, 2017—À LA RECHERCHE DES LIVRES PERDU: RETRO BOOK REVIEWS Retro reviews of “Doc” Smith and “Mark Phillips.”
Column 186: May 26, 2017— REVIEWS: THE IMPOSSIBLES (retro) and 9 TALES OF RAFFALON (new!) A follow-up Mark Phillips book and a new Matthew Hughes book reviewed!
Column 187: June 2, 2017—RAMBLIN’ ROWS (OF TEXT) and ROD SERLING’S NIGHT GALLERY Talkin’ ‘bout Rod Serling and writing.
Column 188: June 9, 2017—REVIEW: ALIEN COVENANT—AN ALIEN TOO FAR? As a big fan of the Alien franchise, I didn’t like this movie much.
Column 189: June 16, 2017—REVIEW: F&SF FOR MAY/JUNE 2017—AND ANOTHER FAREWELL! Goodbye to John Dalmas and another F&SF review!
Column 190: July 7, 2017—KILLER RABBIT… er, REVIEW: “THE MIST” TV SHOW Loved the story, but hated the TV show.
Column 191: July 14, 2017— MAGAZINE REVIEW: F&SF JULY-AUGUST 2017 (and AURORA AWARDS) An F&SF review plus Canadian awards!

Figure 5 – The Cityborn Front Cover by Stephan Martiniere

Column 192: July 21, 2017— NEW BOOK & MOVIE REVIEWS: “THE CITYBORN” and “THE MUMMY”  New book and movie reviews.
Column 193: July 28, 2017—VIEWS & REVIEWS: TV, BOOK and MOVIE (wish I had some news too!) Alternative Truths and Despicable Me 3.
Column 194: August 4, 2017—FREE SF/F, E-ZINES, AND OTHER STUFF No reviews, just free SF/F and other good stuff!
Column 195: August 18, 2017—DO YOU KNOW MURRAY LEINSTER? A look at “golden oldie” Will F. Jenkins.
Column 196: August 25, 2017—CANADIAN AURORA AWARDS: LAST CALL TO VOTE! Talking about an award I have yet to win! Sigh.
Column 197: Sept. 1, 2017—TV OR MOVIE? AND I LIED! (a bit….) Death Note, a Westernized Japanese TV-to-movie.
Column 198: Sept. 22, 2017—TESSERACTS, PLUS SCIENCE FICTION AND MUSIC #1: DAVID CROSBY I interview the famous musician, and I’m in a new anthology
Column 199: October 6, 2017—REVIEW: F&SF SEPT.-OCT. 2017 Need I say more?
Column 202: October 13, 2017—HALLOWEEN: 3X STEPHEN KING (#1—IT) One of three (okay, I owe you one… two) Stephen King columns
Column 203: October 20, 2017—HALLOWEEN: 3X STEPHEN KING (#2—MR. MERCEDES) Number two of three… er, two so far, King columns.
Column 204: November 10, 2017—REVIEW: NOT ANOTHER ZOMBIE BOOK: “HELL IS EMPTY…” by Mark Rounds A fairly decent zombie book!
Column 205: November 17, 2017—BOOK REVIEWS: GARDNER’S “ALL THOSE EXPLOSIONS…” AND ROUNDS, MARKS II & III A very funny book by James Alan Gardner, and two more by Mark Rounds!
Column 206: November 24, 2017—REVIEW: BLADE RUNNER 2049 Self-explanatory much?

My numbering is messed up above, but it’s taking way too long to fix it. Those are all I could find; if you really care, email me at stevefah at hotmail dot com and I’ll send you my own list.

LAST WORDS: Pacific Northwest fans: Annalee Newitz, the author of Autonomous, is coming to Vancouver on Jan 15, and reading at Massy Books (2206 Main Street, Vancouver), one of Vancouver’s best-kept bookstore secrets. (Hey, I’d never heard of that store until I got this notice!) The reading is from 7-8:30 p.m. William Gibson raves about this writer and book… I have an Advanced Reading Copy (ARC), and should have a review for you soon. This will be her only area reading as far as I know—so Seattle fans should also take note! (After Vancouver, she’s headed for Regina (SK) and Toronto (ON)). We’ll be there, how about you?

I’d love it if you comment on this week’s column. You can register and comment here, or on my Facebook page, or in the several Facebook groups where I publish a link. All your comments are welcome! (And don’t feel you have to agree with me to post a comment, either.) My opinion is, as always, my own, and doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of Amazing Stories or its owners, editors, publishers or other columnists. See you next week!


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