AMAZING NEWS: 1-7-2018


UN Secretary General Issues Red Alert

CDC Offers Fallout Shelter Advice

It Outta Be A Law…and it IS in Iceland:  Illegal to Pay Men More Than Women

Hollywood Sex Parties

Button Size Has Now Been Politicized; Colbert Weighs In


(Amazing Stories HQ Acquires Earth Moving Equipment, Planning to Invest in Used Shipping Containers; Welcome to my childhood Cold War)

On the Media Profession and Being Invisible (via Pretty Terrible)

Should Intolerance be Tolerated?

(Editor’s Note:  While there are “two sides to every story”, I’ve not been able to link to any articles that support the party in question for the very simple fact that they all engage in blatant distortions of reality.  They’re there, and of course you are free to check them out, but you’ll have to do your own searches.)

WorldCon 76 Official Statement

Analyzing the Alt Rt Reaction

More of the Same

File 770 Discusses (Read the comments, set aside some time)

A General Discussion on the General Topic


Things You Missed in The Last Jedi

Frankenstein (and his monster) are 200 Years Old

Axanar 2018 Plans

Colbert Endorses “Fake News” Awards


Fangirling Show is Back

Giant Steampunk Cities Eat Smaller Steampunk Cities

Dark Worlds Quarterly 3 (free)

David Brin on Iran & Trump

Why We Won’t Find Space Vampires

Black Mirror Does Star Trek; comments on “Toxic Masculinity”

Interactive Quantum Leap Map

Felapton File Experiment


NYRSFR Presents Sunny Morraine & Brooke Bolander

Spotify Hit with Huge Infringement Suit.  Implications for Copyright

Campaign To Reverse Net Neutrality Decision

Rambo on SFWA Presidency

The IXth Series

Open Call for UFO VII More

Marburg-Con (Germany)

Pegascon (Slovakia)

Lindsay Lohan Sues Grand Theft Auto; Authors Guild Files Amicus Brief Supporting GTA

Hulu’s Re-animation of Animaniacs will include Pinky and the Brain


NASA Mourns “Busiest Astronaut” John Young

New Year’s Super Moon Pics

NY Times Astronomy Calendar

Get a Real Broken Arm Riding These Real Hoverboards

Analyzing Oumuamua

Fermi Paradox Redux Redux (Drake, Brin, Kurzweil, Bostrom, more)

Falcon Heavy on the Pad

Alien Megastructure is Just Dust (so they say)

De-orbiting Chinese Space Hab Not Dust

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