AMAZING NEWS: 12/10/17 (Double Edition


Tony C Smith on Patreon’s Double-Cross

Comics for SJWs:  Love, Empathy and Acceptance

Miss USA Contestant with Downs Syndrome Shines

Net Neutrality Comment

Marvel:  New Editor, New Problems

Warner Brothers Showrunner Dropped over Harassment Allegations

When Predators Run the Zoo, There Aren’t As Many Exhibits

If You Are a Clueless Man, You Need to Watch This

Another Genre Director Accused


Happiness, A Short Film (via File 770)

The Orville’s First Season is Over, here’s some of what you might have missed

Star Wars Whisper Challenge

Cool Cover Morph

Del Toro Almost Got to Produce Universal Monster Films

We All Want One in the Driveway

Qidditch, move over – They Play JUGGER at this Festival (via Joe Zavorski) (dog skull too!)

The Shape of Water is Wonderful (now you know why bootlegs of The Creature from the Black Lagoon disappeared from Youtube)

Reprint Announcement: Dreams of the Rocket Man to be published in Compelling SF

Tarantino to Make Star Trek Pic and People Are Already Talking

Brunner’s The Martian Sphinx Coming to StarShipSofa

Retro Cover

Boris, Move Over, Here Comes Doug Jones

Another Retro Cover

Fifth Element’s Diva Song Performed LIVE!

Colbert Works at Mos Eisley Cantina 


Storycom Continues Funding for Chinese Fans to Attend Worldcon

New Release:  John Dodds Novel Cafe Insomnia

TAFF Race Begins

The Robo Jobocalypse is Coming!

More Thoughts on ‘Science Fiction is for Idiots’

Fan Service:  Gallery of Hugo Award Eligible Artists

SMOFCON 35 Inquisition

New Release:  The Hound from DSP Publishing

Fuller & Green Quit American Gods

Incarcerated Books:  What you can and can’t read in prison is a strange brew

Arizona Fandom Compiling Arizona Fan History

‘Zine History:  Weird Trails, yes, it was a real thing

T-Rex Time Machine Now on Sale

100th Birthday Wishes for Leigh Brackett and a Present for All Fans

Jurassic World Trailer

New Release Cover Reveal

Windy City Pulp & Paperback Con

Support Space Command!

Anticipating Arthur C. Clarke’s 100th Birthday (via Michael Walsh)


Sensory Overload Can Destroy Sleep

Life in a Methane Cave

If you missed the last Supermoon of 2017, here you go

Remember These Things

Should We Be Worried About Chinese AI?

Trolling Science Deniers

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