AMAZING NEWS: 11/19/2017

Last Jedi, Deadpool, A Wrinkle in Time, Leonids, MAGA toys, Resnick, Cummings, Cards Against Humanity

“There is a lot of fear of science and I think science fiction is a marvelous prophylactic against future shock. If you read enough science fiction, nothing is ever going to catch you by surprise. “ Frederik Pohl, Seacon, 1979.

“Oh really?”  Steve Davidson, 2017


A Guide to SF&F by POCs, for POCs and The African Speculative Fiction Society

Takei Accuses Russian Bots

Simpson’s Apu Under Fire

The Presidential Finger Flick Worth $72,000.00

Cards Against Humanity Working Against Trump’s Wall

SAC Commander Says He Would Not Obey An Illegal Presidential Order

As Fans, We Spend a Lot of Time in Hotels….

This Thanksgiving, if you have a helicopter and some turkeys, don’t.  Just don’t.


Martian Author’s Favorite SF Novels

Outer Limits Movie

Wrinkle in Time Trailer

Worldcon 1979:  Brighton on the BBC

Hamill Surprises Fans at Disney

ST:D Features First Star Trek Gay Male Kiss (The Orville Features Television’s First Human-Gelatinous-Thing Intercourse and no one mentions it)

4 More Last Jedi TV Spots and more

Deadpoool 2 Trailer is Creepy

December 1962 Amazing Stories Reviewed

Incredibles 2 Trailer is a Scream

More Chuck Gannon Releases

Earth X Crisis Photos


TAFF Nominations Closing

Polar Borealis #5 Report

Genre Talk with Carole Cummings and Lyn Gala

StarShipSofa – Now with NO Ads and Shvartsman on the Sofa & Kickstarter

Superman’s Non-Mustache Isn’t Cutting It

Relaxacon 60 Update

Martha Well’s WFC GoH Speech (via Pretty Terrible)

Odyssey Announces Online Writing Courses

Ragnarok Publishing Still ragnarocking

Michael Resnick Wins Chinese Galaxy Award

Tolkein Resigns from Estate Management

Black Horror Webinar

Rotten Tomatoes’ Review System May Be a Rotten Tomatoe

Wintercon may be needing presenters

Toymaker Sneaks Unauthorized MAGA Statement Onto Transformers Toy


Asgardia, World’s First Space Nation, Launches First Satellite, (via Jean Walker)

Two Robot AI’s Debate the Future of Humanity

280 Million Year Old Antartican Forest Discovered

NASA’s New Science Podcast Series

Increased Online Activity Can Lead to Teen Depression and Suicide (might just be watching the world through the internet that leads to this effect)

You Idiot!  Now THEY Know Where We Are!  Ignoring Hawkins and Musk, Music Festival Beams Message to Nearby Solar System

Leonid Meteor Shower Through December 3rd

Leonid’s Preview

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