New Releases in Science Fiction Romance

beauty-and-the-space-beastTime for another report on a selection of new releases in science fiction romance! The pace of fresh books slowed down a bit, probably due to the holidays, but I have a few to talk about.

The first one is Beauty and the Space Beast, by J. M. Page; I’ll bet you can guess what famous fairy tale is being reworked here. Always fun to take an old story and bring in the science fiction elements. Here’s the plot:

Mara Duport has always dreamed of home, a place where she belongs. She knows that she has one, but ever since she was a kid, her dad’s been keeping the secret of her origin locked away, refusing to give her any information.

Dad’s been keeping more than one secret. He’s in debt — a lot of debt — and the ruthless pirates he borrowed the money from are coming to collect.

The pirate captain is renowned the galaxy over for his brutishness and cruelty — but when Mara sees his stoic face, her heart races, her mouth goes dry…and she offers herself as payment.

Torak of Basniel has a fierce, uncaring, ruthless reputation to live up to. So when a beautiful, innocent woman offers herself up to him on a platter, Torak doesn’t think twice. What does he care about stealing away this man’s precious daughter?

But Torak gets more than he’s bargained for. Mara’s more than just innocent — she’s also intelligent, skilled, beautiful — and she can see right through him, past the thorny exterior, down to the heart he thought died long ago.

colonists-wifeNext we have Colonist’s Wife, by Kylie Scott. This novella was previously published in a collection but has just been released separately. I first ‘met’ Kylie when we used to do a Sunday snippet hop together and she was writing her post-apocalyptic books (the Flesh series), which I loved. Then she moved on to a very successful rock and roll romance. It’s nice to see this older SFR title now available as a standalone.

The story: She’ll run to the far corners of space to avoid her violent history, hide her true identity, and pass herself off as a mail-order bride. But no one can escape their past forever. And as for her new husband…well, he’s nothing like she expected.

As long as we’re talking re-releases, Susan Grant has brought two of her classics back, with new covers and significant revisions. Originally part of a five book series written by four different authors, The Legend of Banzai Maguire and its sequel The Scarlet Empress now comprise the 2176 Freedom Series Part 1 and Part 2 respectively. The author is an Air Force veteran and a pilot, which adds an additional layer of realism to her writing.

The story for Part 1: The year: 2016. While flying a peacekeeping mission over North Korea, Air Force pilot Bree legend-of-banzai“Banzai” Maguire is shot down. Instead of the North Korean troops she expected, she finds herself captured by a mad scientist and put in bio-stasis. When she wakes, everything has changed. It’s 2176, the world is in crisis, and she is a hotly contested prize. Once, Banzai’s job was to protect democracy; now a mysterious voice claims she must bring it back.

The year: 2176. U.C.E. Commander Ty Armstrong is a decorated SEAL, combat veteran, and part-time treasure hunter. Seeking one elusive prize has become a personal obsession for him: Banzai Maguire, who was never found after her mysterious disappearance 160 years earlier. His quest to find her remains takes him into enemy territory where he discovers that not only is she very much alive, but he might have already fallen in love with her. Before he can bring her to safety, they are captured by the charming, yet ruthless, Emperor of Asia. Ty vows to escape with Banzai at his side. But his captor has other plans for him — and for Banzai Maguire.

The story for Part 2:  Shot down over North Korea, Air Force fighter pilot Cam “Scarlet” Tucker is imprisoned and put in bio-stasis. She is awakened 160 years later to learn that her wingmate and best friend also survived. Now the “legendary” Banzai Maguire, Bree is being held for treason in the country that was once the United States.

the-scarlet-empressCam has problems of her own — big problems. She’s in the masterful hands of Prince Kyber, the dictator whom her friend thwarted. He won’t get fooled again. With the mysterious Shadow Voice urging revolution, and her friend in chains, Cam wants the sexy emperor on her side — and maybe a whole lot more. But her role in the thrilling mission to save her country has to come first. Banzai wouldn’t surrender, and Cam won’t either. It’s time to give a royal butt kicking, and Cam knows just where to start.

No recap of new science fiction romances would be complete without another Ice Planet Barbarians title from the prolific Ruby Dixon. She just released Barbarian’s Hope (love the cover) and here’s the blurb:

Seasons ago, I resonated to the quietest of tribesmates, a male content to love me from afar while I was the center of attention. We could have been happy. Despite our differences, I loved him and he loved me.

barbrians-hopeBut then a terrible thing happened…and my world was never the same again.

Now resonance is giving us a second chance, but…I’m afraid. What if what I have with my mate is too broken to be fixed? What if there’s no hope left for us at all?

Vi Voxley has a new offering in her Brion Brides series, Alien General’s Baby. Many plot complications, as you might imagine — here’s the plot summary: As one of the few warriors to ever defeat the Fearless, Brion General Braen is a living legend. Yet when his greatest victory turns to his gravest defeat, the undefeated warrior has to prove himself to the universe… and himself. If matters weren’t complicated enough, his fated, his gesha, appears to him right in the middle of it all. Now, losing is not an option.

Naima is a scientist through and through. She’s seen how love can ruin a life and she wants no part of it. So when she gets pregnant by a man who only deals in absolutes while an ancient unkillable alien-generals-babyevil wishes to conquer the galaxy, she finds herself between a… well, a monster and a hard general.

With everyone’s lives in her hands, but most of all her own, her child’s and the man’s who she can’t make up her mind about, what does the scientist trust? Her heart or her mind?

Next time I’ll have a new release of my own to talk about but in the interim, best wishes to you for a Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate the holiday today, and to everyone else, best wishes for a lovely autumn weekend full of fun.

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