After The Fall – Walter Jon Williams’ Praxis Universe
By JJ: As part of my 2016 Hugo reading, I had on my list Impersonations, by Walter Jon Williams. I hadn’t read any of his books up to now (but hey, WJW, thanks for the beautiful color postcard from Worldcon; … Continue reading →

France Wants To Host A Nice Worldcon
Worldcon in France team member Alex S. Garcia has announced the proposed venue for the 2023 con is in the city of Nice, in the south of France — the city’s main convention center, The Acropolis. The Acropolis is located in the heart of the … Continue reading →

Tina Connolly Interviewed About Her Seriously Series
By Carl Slaughter: The ubiquitous Tina Connolly has a new YA magic coming of age series. The hardcover for the sequel, Seriously Shifted, and the paperback for the original story, Seriously Wicked, are both out in November. Tina will be … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 11/12/16 Like A Scroll On A Wire; Like A Pixel In A Midnight Choir
(1) ROBOTIC PREDICTION OR CAMPAIGN PROMISE? “Meet Sofia, the Humanoid Robot That Looks, Thinks and Talks Like a Human”. Right now, artificially intelligent robots are part of the workforce, from hotel butlers to factory workers. But this is just the … Continue reading →

The 1980 Timewarp Finalists
By Nicholas Whyte and Colette Fozard: Over the last two weeks of October 2016, Worldcon 75 organised the 1980 Timewarp Project to test the new systems we have been developing for the new Hugo rules.We asked people to revisit of the sf … Continue reading →

Mike Shepherd’s Longknife and Peterwald Series
By Carl Slaughter: Since 2004, Mike Shepherd has cranked out a novel per year in his Kris Longknife military space opera series, plus three novellas and various spinoffs. In the last story, Unrelenting, Kris and dozens of her shipmates get … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 11/11/16 Some Say Scrolls, It Is A Pixel, That Leaves Your Eyes To Bleed
(1) RELIGHTING FIREFLY. CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable has been listening to actor Alan Tudyk, who says “Nathan Fillion Has an Awesome Idea for More Firefly”. [Alan Tudyk] “I’m always hopeful that it’ll come back in some form or fashion. I think … Continue reading →

Rysa Walker’s Prize-Winning Chronos Series
By Carl Slaughter: Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award pits 10,000 self-published authors against each other. The grand prize is $50,000, with four finalists getting $15,000 each. All winners get publishing contracts. Rysa Walker launched her Chronos series by winning the grand … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 11/10/16 I Grow Old… I Grow Old… I Shall Wear The Bottoms Of My Pixels Scrolled
(1) PLAY ALONG AT HOME. The National Toy Hall of Fame has three additions: Fisher-Price Little People, the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons and the simple swing are now in the National Toy Hall of Fame. The list of 12 … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 11/9/16 The Pixel Was Already Scrolling When I Lay Down On It
(1) SPIDERY MARKS. Kameron Hurley’s contribution to sanity today is this excerpt from the epilogue to The Geek Feminist Revolution. …I have no children, and no legacy but my work— and you. I have the power to reach back to … Continue reading →

2016 Goodreads Choice Awards Semifinialists
The 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards semifinalists have been posted. At the end of the first round of voting five write-ins were added to each category (none of the original nominees were eliminated). For example, added to the Best Science Fiction … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 11/8/16 When We Scrolled The Pixels On Board, We Thought They Were Cute
(1) FAR FROM THE MADDING POLLING PLACE. In the market for non-election news? Cat Rambo has you covered at her blog. Free flash piece: “Patreon Post: Aardvark Says Moo”. As part of recent updates at SFWA we recently revamped the Nebula … Continue reading →

San Jose Worldcon Online Conversion Nearing Readiness
Kevin Roche, chair of Worldcon 76 in San Jose, posted a status report on Facebook about the online conversion/upgrade process that presupporters have been awaiting. Kevin here, wearing his conference chair hat. We’re thrilled at how enthusiastic everyone is about … Continue reading →

Jenny Martin’s Rebels on Wheels
By Carl Slaughter: Librarian Jenny Martin debuted in 2015 with Tracked, a dystopian YA novel set on a corporate sponsored race track with a young heroine. It’s Mad Max meets Fast and Furious meets Firefly meets Hunger Games. Amazon reviews … Continue reading →

Pixel Scroll 11/7/2016 Ugly Giant Bags of Mostly Pixels
(1) SCIENCE FICTION HALL OF FAME. Last spring the EMP Museum opened public voting on the 2016 finalists for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame. In honor of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame’s 20th anniversary, … Continue reading →

LASFS Sells Clubhouse
Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society officers revealed on Facebook that the club has agreed to sell its clubhouse. The terms allow the club to continue to use it for eight months while they search for a replacement in the southeast/central … Continue reading →

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story “Together” TV Spot
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in theaters December 16.… Continue reading →

Ferrett Steinmetz and the ‘Mancer Series
By Carl Slaughter: Are you a mancer fan? Clarion graduate Ferrett Steinmetz has a fix for you. No pun intended. In September, Steinmetz followed up Flex and Flux with Fix. No shortage of mancers and mancering in this series. Videogamemancers, … Continue reading →

The Versatile Leah Cypess
By Carl Slaughter: Leah Cypess’ debut fantasy novel, Mistwood, was greeted with rave reviews by library journals and peer authors. She followed this with three more novels, all from Greenwillow/HarperCollins. Her July short story, “Filtered,” was her sixth science fiction … Continue reading →

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