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Mildly berating indie authors this week.

Mild Beration This Week:

I get a trickle of submissions for this feature;  I guess Indie Authors aren’t writing this month.  That’s about the only explanation I can come up with for why indie authors, handed an audience approaching 40,000 readers of science fiction, fantasy and horror, aren’t taking advantage of the opportunity to promote their work, in their own words, with no filtering.

It must be:  even gaining a tenth of a percent of new readers means 400 hundred sales, and something tells me that NONE of you can forego 400 sales.

So, either you’re not writing, you’re not interested in promotion or you’ve got a really, really good paying day job – that you’re content to be stuck in for the rest of your life!

If you are an Indie author, hybrid author, small press publisher, it is REALLY simple to take advantage of this feature:

Just send an image file of your book cover, a link to your book, a link to your author’s website, a paragraph description and any blurbs here.

That is, if you actually want to sell some of your stuff.

Not an author?  Tell your author friends.

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