Dragon Awards

A handful of observations

A Google search for “The 2016 Dragon Awards” turns up the following “online mainstream media” results:

TheCelebrityCafe (1st results page)
TheVerge (1st results page)

and the following “online genre media” results:
(all 1st & 2nd results page)

Dragoncon’s own site

The search was conducted on 9/9/2016 at approximately 8:10 pm est

A Google search for “The 2016 Hugo Awards”  turns up the following “online mainstream media” results:
(all 1st and 2nd results pages)


and the following “online genre media” results:
(all 1st and 2nd results pages)

the Hugo Awards website
MidAmeriCon’s website
The search was conducted on 9/9/2016 at approximately 8:20 pm est

The fight for the Hugo Awards is characterized, by some, as a fight between those who want SF Awards to be given out by a close-knit cabal of dastardly gate keepers with hidden agendas (most of which will result in Earth’s immediate implosion should they ever be implemented) and a haphazard, happy-go-lucky band of freedom fighters who’s one true desire is to return the power to choose the best in science fiction to the people.  (That’s utter hogwash of course, but let us not distract ourselves.)

In light of that, a few observations:

The Dragon Awards were covered by more outlets that are presumed (again, by some) to be SJW leaning than the Hugo Awards were covered by outlets that claim to be puppy leaning.  (Note the difference between “presumed” and “claimed”.)

Real, honest to goodness mainstream media outlets covered the Hugo Awards.  Only smaller, online only, outlets covered the Dragons.

(Most of the links to the Dragons are “about the award”, not the winners;  most of the links to the Hugos are listings of the winners.)

The Hugo Awards received lots of coverage on a wider selection of websites, covering a wider selection of markets.  (National news, book retailers, publishers).

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  1. Actually, it looks like the Dragon Awards WERE influenced “by the efforts of a small insular clique” called Rabid Puppies.

    Look, there you go again comparing numbers. Oh, that con had X but the other only had Y. That latter convention must be dying, must have no influence, must be unimportant.
    First – what you say here somewhat contradicts your other comment elsewhere and second – failing to understand that Fandom does not measure itself by numbers or dollars means you have a lot more to learn about Trufandom.

  2. Hugos have been around for? 77 years Dragon Awards less than 1? I figure there will be more coverage as time goes on and since I think Dragon Con had about 75K and Worldcon 4602 with supporting members bumping that up to 7338 looks like Dragon Awards will be a lot less influenced by the efforts of a small insular clique ie it will be a true fan based award that the Hugos have claimed to be but aren’t

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