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RPG Newsletter #36


Help Preserve the Mini Ackermansion

Catfishing Arrives in the Book Review World

Really?  Revenge Rating a Critic?

Hacker-Thieves Gathering Key Fob Data (via Karen Davidson)

Jo Walton Repudiates Slates, Joins other Authors in Preemptive Action

Male Cartoonists Withdraw From Awards in Protest Over NO Female Nominees


A take on Star Wars that largely reflects my own feelings (except I don’t hear laser sounds, I think of Peppie….)

More SW:  Artist Mashes Up Star Wars & Calvin & Hobbs

If you like Jack Clemons’ series on the space program, you might like this shirt

Short films using NASA imagery

Hey!  That’s MY Bag!  (What?  You couldn’t tell?)

Revolution 60 Close to Shipping

More Deadpool

Janet ‘pink is for girls’ and Brad ‘blue is for assholes!’ actors set for RHPS remake.  (Where is the outrage?  A transgender black woman is playing Frank.  I mean, we can’t have black Stormtroopers, but a black transgender woman playing a male transvestite from planet Transylvania is perfectly ok?  Where are your priorities, haters?)  (Me?  I think they should remake it with LOLCats. And turtles.)

Puppy Supporting Tangent Online Demonstrates What A Recommendation List Looks Like – then sends readers to a slate

Star Destroyer Really Flies

Annihilation Shaping Up

GoT Season 6 Premiere

That’s Not a Beetle!  That’s a Car!

SF & Fantasy Television Coming in 2016

Star Trek 50th Celebration:  Never before seen images


Prez. Cat Rambo on SFWA 2016

MidAmericonII Hugo Award Base Competition Open (closes real soon)

BOOKS Are Back! (Publishing Trends for 2016)

Kim Stanley Robinson to receive RAH Award

RandomPenguin Cleans House:  Sells Author Solutions, More

Phoenix Picks for January Features Jack L Chalker (The Well World!!!)

Traveler Black Books Special – but only till this Tuesday

Tangent Online’s Wilson Tucker Photo Gallery

Fodder for Steampunks, Dieselpunks and Regency Folks

Fodder for AltHist Folks:  WWII Battle unites US, German & French Troops

Stuff at CES (what happens in Vegas better not stay in Vegas)

Musk is not content with tube trains, electric cars and returnable rockets.  Now he wants a Mars colony

Geek Ts

Some brief reviews for consideration

Odyssey Workshop Open for Applications

64 SF Classics That Ought to be Audio Books

JCW Still Pushing Conspiracy Theories

Book Stores

BAFTA Nominees

Behind the Scenes at The Walking Dead, it’s not so pretty

I’ll take the drone chair to the office

Reddit’s 2016 Stabby Awards


Incan string with knots may be subject to translation

Is there anything more awe inspiringly beautiful than nebulae?

SpaceX Photo Gallery

Keep Watching the Skies! (in 2016)

Periodic Table 2.0

MOL History

Put your head in the hole and repeat after me:  ‘there IS no such thing as global warming…there is NO such thing as global warming…’

Hoverbike & More

Marine Corps Wants Future Wars To Be Quiet  (psss!  pass the ammo)

Millions of Uncharted Asteroids Could Spell Our Doom

Space Race II (Who will win this era’s competition?)

What Does a Multiverse Really Mean?

Quantum Foam (What floats at the top of your quantum beer)

Sole Power for Cell Phones

The ENTIRE Universe in One Illustration


RPGnet Newsletter #36
January 5, 2016


Welcome, readers, to RPGnet and the RPGnet Newsletter in 2016. We’re back after a short hiatus to catch up on the new material posted on the site in the closing weeks of last year. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please PM me (Iustum) or Shannon Appelcline.

New Columns

Kicking off the new year, RPGnet’s own Shannon Appelcline of Advanced Designers & Dragons is back with “2015: The Year in Review”. Don’t miss this fantastic overview of the last year in RPG-industry news!

Jonathan Hicks was also back with another edition of Observations From A Gamer’s Chair, this one containing some great advice on developing realistic bad guys:“Threat Assessment.”

Brent Dedeaux of Tales from the Rocket House set down some thoughts on how to promote non-violent solutions in RPG sessions in “Peace on Earth, Middle Earth, Faerun, Tatooine….”

Last but not least, over the break Christopher Cecil added not one, but two new issues of Fuzzy Thinking: “A Very Fuzzy Christmas” and “A Legendary Tale.”

New Reviews

The end of 2015 (and, technically, first day of 2016) saw RPGnet add a bunch of great new reviews, listed below.

Threads You Might Have Missed

It’s the New Year (at least in some parts of the world) and that means that is time to discuss “Any Roleplaying Resolutions for 2016.” Stop by and get inspired by your fellow RPGnetters’ goals for the coming year and add your own.

Attempting to run a mystery in an RPG is a challenge – one element in particular that frequently appears in mystery media but that can be hard to translate into game terms is a red herring or other false clue. Stop by “How to do false leads in Gumshoe?” and share some wisdom on how others have handled this issue in games (not just Gumshoe).

Don’t judge an RPG by its cover. Head over to “Systems that Played Better Than They Looked?” and share your pleasant RPG surprises.

In addition to looking forward, the turn of the year is a good time for looking back. In that regard, check out “What are the must-have elements of a classic OSR dungeon?” for a discussion of what gives a dungeon that great nostalgic feel.

Please take a moment to support Amazing Stories with a one-time or recurring donation via Patreon. We rely on donations to keep the site going, and we need your financial support to continue quality coverage of the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres as well as supply free stories weekly for your reading pleasure.

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  1. What you are calling a conspiracy theory I heard from the lips of my editor at Tor Books. He told me that Tor had been gaming the system for a decade or more, and that everyone inside the industry knew it.

    I do know one denier who denies it because his ego is wounded: he thinks that if there were a group of insiders gaming the system, he would have been in the inner circle.

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