Podcast Rewind: H2O From SciFi4Me



    This week Harvey and Hunt take on Story, Story, Story, a discussion prompted in part by the Hugo flap.

    Here are prior episodes 41 thru 50.  From next week on we’ll be rewinding H2O a week behind the new episodes.

    H2O 41:Shaming Spoilerists / 12/4/2014

    H2O 42: Second Seasons That Weren’t 12/11/201

    H2O 43: Last-Minute Gifts 12/18/2014

    H2O 44: The Potential of 2015 12/25/2014

    H2O 45: News From the TCA Winter Press Tour 1/15/2015

    H2O 46: Marvel’s Smashed Universe 1/22/2015

    H2O 47: Our First Mix Tape for 2015 1/29/2015

    H2O 48: Super Bowl Trailers 2/6/2015

    H2O 49: Spider-Man & His Big News 2/12/2015

    H2O 50: 80s Love — Episode 50! 2/19/2015


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