Open Road Media Supports Women’s History Month

Open Road Media invites men to talk about women.

From our friends at Open Road Media (the folks getting lots of great fiction back into publication) –

He for She in Science Fiction: Men on Feminism in the Genre

The past year has been a crucial one for female writers of science fiction. Discussions in the world of science fiction authors, editors, and fans about women writing in the genrewinning awards, and being recognized in fandom often carried a certain defiant tone, followed by a frustration that women in science fiction still have to prove themselves at all.

In light of the He for She movement, a UN project aimed at encouraging men to speak up for women in a bid of solidarity and support, Open Road Media asked male science fiction authors to discuss how women have been portrayed in science fiction, and their own favorite female science fiction authors.

Featuring Samuel R. Delany, Todd McCaffrey, Ian MacDonald, Joe Haldeman and Simon R. Green, this video explores the issue and ought to open eyes.

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