Paulk Proclaims Puppy Party 4

They can’t be that sad. Writers on the Sad Puppies 3 slate have been demurely preparing to take a victory lap when the Hugo nominations are announced on April 4. They’ve been marking their territory on Facebook. Significantly quoting Jabberwocky. … Continue reading →

Lisle Resignation Follow-up
Yesterday, SFWA President Steven Gould not only answered a question File 770 posed about the organization’s pursuit of public grants, he delivered a general description of SFWA’s objectives in reincorporating in California. Part of that statement confirmed SFWA is now able to relax its policy on repayment of emergency … Continue reading →

Peggy Rae Sapienza (1944-2015)
Peggy Rae Sapienza, one of fandom’s most admired conrunners and fan guest of honor at Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon, passed away March 22 from complications following heart valve replacement surgery. She was 70. Her highest profile achievements were chairing … Continue reading →

Today In History 3/28

March 28, 1963: Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds opened in theaters. As an aside, Ray Bradbury was asked to write the script by Hitch but turned it down because he was still “recovering” from having written the Moby Dick script for John … Continue reading →

Slatoff’s New Bradbury Sculpture
Sculptor Christopher Slatoff’s 8-foot-tall bronze “The Illustrated Man” will be unveiled at the USC Fisher Museum of Art during the California Art Club’s 104th Annual Juried Gold Medal Exhibition from March 29 to April 19. “The Illustrated Man” is a … Continue reading →

Discover TV Party
By James H. Burns: For well over a decade — really, nearly, two decades! – TV PARTY has been an amazing treasure trove of articles, columns, clips and photos from the history of TV, with a particular emphasis on LOCAL … Continue reading →

Still in Wonderland
By John Hertz: The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, my local club, has been meeting every Thursday over eighty years. Most of us rhyme “LASFS” with joss fuss although Len Moffatt always rhymed it with sass mass. People often come … Continue reading →

WisCon Issues Report on Lemberg Complaint

WisCon has reached a conclusion about the harassment complaint filed by Rose Lemberg with the WisCon committee in 2013. The substance of the complaint was that poet F.J. Bergmann harassed Lemberg by reading the poem “Meet and Marry a Gorgeous … Continue reading →

Comics That Should Have Happened
Ross Pearsall has designed over a thousand faux comic book covers in his Super-Team Family series of “Team-ups that never happened…But should have!” Some are played straighter than others. There’s RoboCop versus Judge Dredd, Superman and Iron Man, and Captain Marvel and The … Continue reading →

Gen Con Responds to Signing of SB 101
Gen Con CEO and owner Adrian Swartout issued a follow-up letter today after Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed SB101. Backers describe SB 101 as ”religious freedom” legislation that could protect business owners who don’t want to provide services for same-sex couples. The key … Continue reading →

Gould on SFWA Reincorporation
SFWA President Steven Gould, responding to questions from File 770 about grants SFWA administers, and public money it might pursue in the future, elaborated on some of the reasons for the organization’s 2013 reincorporation in California. Gould: One of SFWA’s motivations for becoming … Continue reading →

Comic-Con: No Room at the Inn?
If inviting tens of thousands of people who need hotel rooms at San Diego Comic-Con International to simultaneously click a link at 9 a.m. on a given morning is the best solution for everyone involved you couldn’t tell it by … Continue reading →

2015 Prix Rosny Aîné Nominees
The first stage of voting has begun on the 2015 Prix Rosny Aîné for French science fiction. There are two rounds of voting. Only the first is open to the public, and it ends July 1. The award is given … Continue reading →

Art Submissions Sought By World Fantasy Awards
The World Fantasy Awards judges are seeking materials to consider in the Artist category reminds Peter Dennis Pautz, President of the World Fantasy Awards Association — As always, this seems to be the category with the fewest submissions from either … Continue reading →

Tom Loback Passes Away
Tom Loback, a widely appreciated creator of artwork and figures for gaming and Tolkien fans, died March 5 at the age of 66. An accomplished Elvish linguist, he incorporated characters from Tolkien’s languages into illustrations for such magazines as Beyond Bree (he produced its … Continue reading →

Flying Saucer Archive at Georgetown
It seems perfectly reasonable today that a winner of the Philip K. Dick Award might have a collection of UFO and alien contact literature named after him, as is the case with the Jack Womack Flying Saucer Library at Georgetown … Continue reading →

Gen Con Threatens To Move If Indiana Governor Signs Religious Freedom Bill
Indiana’s governor is expected to sign ”religious freedom” legislation this week that could protect business owners who don’t want to provide services for same-sex couples, despite a threat by Gen Con to move out of state if the law is … Continue reading →

Cats Laughing Again
Cats Laughing, a psychedelic folk rock band with authors Emma Bull, Steven Brust, and Adam Stemple, plus Lojo Russo and new addition Scott Keever, will play a reunion concert Friday, April 3 at Minicon. Livestream audio and video from the … Continue reading →

Reunion at the LA Paperback Show

Holly Lisle Resigns from SFWA
Holly Lisle has publicly resigned from Science Fiction Writers of America, though not for any reasons associated with the latest round of culture wars. It’s because she’s opposed to income tax. And what has that got to do with SFWA? … Continue reading →

LA Opera Costume Shop Sale 3/28
Cosplayers and masquerade competitors are noted for making their own costumes, however, the LA Opera’s Costume Shop sale on March 28 is a rare opportunity for anyone who loves exotic apparel. Over 1,000 costumes on 90 clothing racks will be … Continue reading →

How Is Harlan Doing?
It’s been five months since Harlan Ellison’s stroke. He indulged a visitor to his website today with a good news update: I’m in no actual physical pain, save for stiffness and slower recovery of full motor control on the right side than … Continue reading →

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