ABSOLUTE ZERO: Very Cool Websites

Today, a facebook page that is collecting some wonderful SF CGI artwork

Absolute Zero is our in-house title for posts relating to really cool websites.  Yeah, yeah, fans sure do love their word play.  I get a twinge of a chuckle every time I think of some website host getting notified of a post covering their website that starts out with the phrase “Absolute Zero”…

But anyway.  This week I’ve got an Absolute Zero site to bring to your attention – The Sci-Fi Reference Library

sf library

Yes indeed, it’s our first Facebook – based page.

The page is maintained by some guy named John Warner – who I know absolutely nothing about – other than the fact that he posts some great images related (primarily) to SF film making.

These appear to be CGI renderings of some of our favorite things from SF Film – and they are incredibly detailed and awesome:

Each image is usually shown from multiple angles and accompanied by detail shots.  If you’re looking for examples of CGI SF art – or are planning on making an SF film reliant on CGI – I’d head on over to the Sci-Fi Reference Library.

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