Still: A New Indie Webseries

“There’s something intangibly off about it that unsettles the soul” -Cinema on the Rocks

“A slow-burning, creepy tale” -London Film Review (UK)

“STILL is an absorbing, tense, sci-fi thriller guaranteed to make your skin crawl”

I had the honor of attending the premier of Still, new Indie web series filmed in the greater Seattle area. Since I  also have a production upcoming in  the Pacific Northwest, the method, format, and process was of great interest to me. I never did like horror much, but this series has a sophisticated twist that I appreciate and has won some SF/horror awards. I asked Dave Shector, executive producer and actor in the film, to give us some insight as to how the series has fared and where it’s going.

Dianne Gardner for Amazing Stories: Hi Dave,  please tell us about the story.

David Shector: Its about a small town in the NW that gets infected by some strange sounds in the sky and they turn some people into STILL’s. Not zombies.

STILLS never move until you look away and then suddenly they’re up in your face. Some people don’t get infected and the reason for that will be revealed in a later episode

ASM: Where is it filmed?

DS: The whole thing is filmed in Everett, WA and the Lake Stevens area. The town of “Sloughtown” is actually Arlington, Wa.

516ASM:  And who’s the creator?

DS: Jonathan Holbrook is the creator, director, cinematographer, editor. He came up with the idea a few years ago when listening to the news about actual sounds in the sky that they couldn’t explain and at the same time there were reports of dolphins beaching themselves and other weird things going on with the animal world.

ASM:  How does Still differ from a Zombie story?

DS: It differs from zombie films in such that its not about people eating brains and ripping guts out. It has more of a thriller/scary feel to it in that it affects characters in different ways.

ASM:  As an Indie filmmaker, what are some of the challenges you’ve faced along the way?

DS: Some challenges we run into are people issues usually. Getting everyone together on the same day is always a challenge. Locations and props are pretty easy to get. The city of Arlington and Everett were very generous when we asked about shutting down streets for filming.

ASM:  What’s happening with Still in 2015?

DS: This year were starting season 2 and hopefully it will continue on. Our hope is that somebody sees it and wants to pick it up, like A&E or someone like that. All of the cast and crew that were in season 1 are on board for season 2 plus were going to be introducing some new characters.

ASM: I know you’ve created an impression in the world of Indie Film making. Tell us about those.

DS: Here are some of the things STILL has done·

Most Outstanding Web Series in SCI-FI/Fantasy/Horror, Directing, Editing Visual FX,

Trailer of the Year at the LA WebFest.

  • Official Selection at the Hollyweb Festival.
  • Nominated for Best Director, Editing, Cinematography and Best Web Series in the Indie

Series Awards.

  • Official Selection at the Austin WebFest
  • Official Selection at the Miami WebFest
  • Official Selection at STIFF (Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival)

Here are some links where you can watch the show:

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