Where we’ll be over the next few weeks.

This is a preliminary announcement of upcoming convention attendance by Amazing Stories people.

I (Steve Davidson) will be attending and paneling at both Arisia (January 16-19, Westin Waterfront Hotel, Boston) and Boskone (February 13-15, same location);

At Arisia I will be participating in panels on:

You Know That’s Based On A Book, Right?, which concerns itself with exploring methods of translating the high interest in popular SF and fantasy subjects into increased readership of the genre.  (I’ve got some nifty ideas….)  Friday, 5:30 pm in the Adams room

Saturday, I’ll be on a panel called Atheist Fen that asks – are atheists accepted within fandom or is it still one of the last taboos.  Saturday at 1 pm in the Adams room

At Boskone I’m a bit busier – and there may be more to come as I volunteered to be a fill-in on some panels they’re still trying to set up.  Known items are:

Saturday, 1:00 pm – Building Fandom and Community – Fandom is a many legged-thing that spans generations and genres. It’s become more than a little fragmented over the years, but we are all still part of a larger whole. What have we lost with the fragmenting of fandom? How can its niche groups engage with the wider fan community while still honoring and protecting what makes them unique?

Saturday, 5:00 pm – Hugo Awards: Dramatic and Written Works – What’s the greatest stuff you saw or read last year? Join us to spend 90 minutes discussing 2014’s best speculative fiction books, stories, movies, TV shows, theatrical productions, and more! Bring your own suggestions, and help us build a world-class reading/viewing list in preparation for the Hugo Awards at this year’s Worldcon in Spokane, WA. Also find out how to become eligible to nominate for the 2015 Hugos — the ballot is due soon!  (I wonder what I’ll be recommending in the way of fanzines….?)

Saturday, 9:00 pm – Small Press Marketing Roundtable – Publishers, editors, and marketing specialists from some of today’s hottest small presses share stories, tips, and advice on marketing small press works in an ever-changing landscape.

Sunday, 2:00 pm – Promoting Your Project – Learn the ins and outs of promotions that get your projects seen by as many people as possible. Find out about hidden opportunities, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices for networking your way to publication success.  I’ll be moderating this one…let the fun begin!

I hope to see some members and other contributors there – please look me up!

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