AMAZING NEWS: 11/16/14


OUR NAZIS (turned out to be better than Soviet NAZIS….)

On Defeating Gamergate

11K Reward for Information Leading to the Arrest/Conviction of Those Issuing Death Threats

Intel Gets Its Act Together and Resumes Advertising with Gamasutra

All Dressed Up For Mars…the Mars One Project (via SF Signal)

Mythbuster on Gamergate

Apple IOS Bug Makes Most Systems Vulnerable

‘Boomers Will Delight In These Pics Of Nuclear Armageddon

Discussing Gender Expectations in the New Batgirl Comic

A Lady’s Guide to Negotiating Comics

Feminist Fun with Princess Bride Tweets 

Sweden May Be Adding SEXIST Labels to Games


As predicted HERE on Amazing Stories – Guardians of the Galaxy Wins Blockbuster Award (Stick with me kid, I pick a winner almost every time!)

Yes, Vxcltrn&ju#, Some Science Fiction IS About Prediction

Dynamite Entertainment Tackles Flash Gordon

Always Be Yourself…Unless

PLUG:  Best SF Short (well, maybe according to some standards)

Dinosaurs Fighting Aliens – what’s not to like?

Dr. Who Xmas Special Trailer

Simpsons/Futurama Crossover

More Simpson’s:  Montgomery Burns’ Handbook of World Domination

Get Out Your Bang Sticks – Bruce is Back!

New Trailer for Jupiter Ascending

Star Trek Axanar Getting Lots of Love

Fun Facts About GotG

Cthulhu Mythos Sans Lovecraft

SF Adaptation Watch

The Force Awakens:  Star Wars Thoughts.  (Tell Star Wars its too early and to go back to sleep)

Extended Trailer for Age of Ultron

Arcade Mug – Perfect for Gamers (Secret Embedded Electronics Detect GamerGate Activity and Blast Out 50,000 Volts)

Firefly Yatzee!

CGI for GotG

For Shame:  This man is not yet a SFWA Grand Master!
For Shame: This man is not yet a SFWA Grand Master!


WFC 2014 Award Winners

Harlan Ellison Calls for Grand Mastering Norman Spinrad (which is probably better than a custard pie in the face);  (Norman says he had nothing to do with it)

Stone Telling Anthology Arrives

French Industry Commissions an SF Anthology

Hugh Howey on Amazing v Hachette

Reedsy:  Publishing Service for the Digital Age

First Designs for Lucas Museum

Author Beware:  Litfire Publishing

Branding & Authorship – A Perilous Combination

Chinese SF Comes To America

Cixin Liu on Whatever

The Art of Space Released

Unpublished Interview with Iain Banks on the Culture ‘Verse

Amazon’s PIcks for Best Books of 2014

Money Flows TO the Writer (You Know, UP hill….)

Joe Buckley Dies For Charity (Baen Fundraiser)

Dream Team Joins Axanar Project

Google Leases NASA Facility

Amazon & Hachette Settle – Howey’s Take  (For some different views, check out the links here)


The Science Behind Interstellar  (Degrasse-Tyson asks:  why didn’t we just go to Mars?)

Timeline for Interstellar (is it a good thing or a bad thing when a movie needs an infographic to explain itself?)

More Interstellar ‘splaining

Weak Solar Activity May Negatively Affect Manned Mars Missions

A Camera, Inside a Water Bubble, Inside the ISS, In Space!

3D Printed Moonbase

Brin Wants to Move the Earth

A Revolution in Physics?

How Impacts Formed Vesta

Orion Heads to the Pad

Terror On 67P

The Doomsday Scenario You’ve Probably Forgotten About

Higgs Boson May NOT Be A Higgs Boson….

A Journey Into Space (Video from the ISS)


Jane & Howard Frannk Make Major Donation to Museum of Science Fiction

A few weeks ago, Howard and Jane Frank generously pledged a $50,000 major gift to get the Museum’s Capital Campaign rolling.Help us match this donation by joining the Museum of Science Fiction’s 2015 Membership Program.  Visit our Join page to learn about valuable member

As 2014 comes to a close, please remember the Museum and our mission to educate and inspire through science fiction. Memberships are tax-deductible and make great holiday gifts.

Thanks for your support.

Best regards,

Greg Viggiano
Executive Director
Museum of Science Fiction
Washington DC  USA
Earth: Sol: Milky Way

New Releases From Haffner Press

Haffner Press Cat Chair logo

 In This Issue:November 10, 2014
Later this month we’ll have an update on the books we currently have in production. Meanwhile, we’ve seen a lot of traffic on our SIGNED deluxe slipcased/limited editionsand now is as good a time as any to hep you to the remaining titles we have in stock. Print-runs were between 75-100 copies and fewer than 20 remain on any of these.  Some as few as TWO copies!!  Click the links for details on each title.

Signed by Ramsey Campbell (introduction), Raymond Swanland (cover artist), Stephen Haffner (editor), and bears a Manly Wade Wellman autograph from a cancelled check. BONUS: ROMANCE IN BLACK: an exclusive chapbook of all five “Judge Pursuivant” stories illustrated by George Evans and a John Pelan introduction. $150

Signed by Hugh B. Cave (introduction) and Jon Arfstrom (cover artist). BONUS ITEMS:THREE FROM THE TOMB: an exclusive chapbook of three more “weird tales” with an introduction by Joe Wrzos. Tucked inside is a facsimile of the promo flyer announcing the adaptation of some of these stories for radio in the early 1930s. $100

Signed by Michael Moorcock (introduction). With the 1000-copy trade edition of this book long out of print (the lowest price we found today was $145 with “light musty odor”—Ha!), this is the best bang for your buck on this title (and our copies are still minty fresh!). $125

Signed by Harry Turtledove (introduction). Also out of print, we have a FEW of these beauties which ship with BRACKETT TALES, a miscellany of wonders including letters between Brackett and Ray Bradbury during the writing of “Lorelei of the Red Mist,” as well as some heretofore unpublished poems by Bradbury. $125


Signed by Jack Williamson. Out-of-print as well as the first-ever appearance of the original serialized version (“. . . And Searching Mind”) of the text that was rewritten as THE HUMANOIDS.    $150

Signed by Connie Willis (introduction), initialed by Ralph McQuarrie (cover artist) and bearing a mounted autograph of Jack Williamson. $150
Another case of the out-of-print trade editions commanding higher prices than these autographed editions.

Only TWO of these left. Signed by Frederik Pohl (foreword), James Gunn (introduction), Vincent Di Fate (cover artist), Vicky Medley (on her contribution “Queens of Space”) and Stephen Haffner (editor). BONUS: A chapbook of Williamson’s “Seetee” works (“Opposites—React!” and a sequence from his 1950s comic strip BEYOND MARS) introduced by William S. Higgins; and a copy of the chapbook THE MAN FROM SOMEWHERE signed by Jack Williamson. $150

Signed by Robert Silverberg (introduction) and Frederik Pohl (afterword). BONUS: an exclusive chapbook, OTHERNESSES, which includes three rare stories (including the “lost” Hogben story) and an introduction by Barry N. Malzberg (who has also signed the chapbook!). $150


* * * Shipping via Media Mail is FREE to the Continental USA. AK, HI, and International orders should contact us for a shipping quote.

That’s it for now. To ensure that you continue to receive this newsletter, be sure to add and to your email reader’s “safe list.”

Harper Voyager – Sales & Fun Stuff (BFI Online Sci-Fi Festival)

The BFIVoyager Online Sci-fi Festival starts today, plus 30% of top HarperCollins titles. View this email on the web.
HarperCollins Booklovers
Ray Bradbury, The Martian ChroniclesGet 30% off a selection of our top sci-fi ebooksAs part of the BFIVoyager Sciece Fiction festival, we’ve listed out some of our favourite titles in the genre published across HarperCollins.

What’s more, we’re also giving you a 30% discount until 20th November on selected ebooks from the list including classics from Ray Bradbury, J.G. Ballard, Doris Lessing and George R. R. Martin as well as new titles from David Cronenberg and Lauren Beukes.


BFIHarperVoyager Virtual Sci-fi FestivalThe BFIVoyger Science Fiction Online Festival starts today!Today and tomorrow, join our free online science fiction festival exploring the link between sci-fi and film, as part of the BFI’s major three month celebration of the genre,Days of Fear and Wonder.

Highlights include an exclusive interview with David Cronenberg, a Twitter chat with Margaret Atwood (yes, Margaret Atwood), an interview with Jeff Vandermeer, a Google Hangout with space scientist Erik Laan and much more.

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Jeff VanderMeer, AnnihilationCan’t wait? Start listening to our BFIVoyager Sci-fi podcast playlist nowTo get you started, we’ve created a special selection of our favourite interviews and conversions from the HarperCollins Presents channel, including highlights from the BookD and 4th Estate podcasts – interviews with Jeff VanderMeer, Brian Aldis, Jeff VanderMeer and more…

*30% discount available until 20th November
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