The Comic Book Saga: (almost) The Conclusion!

Our comic book – A Doctor for the Enterprise (written by David Gerrold, illustrated by Troy Boyle) has seen an epic struggle between the forces of publishing and the evil minions of Murphy’s Law;  unusual delays of unusual size (probably emanating from a Fire Swamp), illness and even death (yes) have stalked this project from its very beginnings.

But fear not faithful citizens – Good shall ultimately triumph, vanquishing Murphy and sending his Mom to the watery tomb from whence she came…there’s only a few more short chapters to go before rings get chucked into volcanoes, evil is handed its just reward on a platter (served cold), Spock gets reborn, the Doctor returns once again and the rift in the universe is once again knitted into a shawl, or at least a very long scarf.

As proof that we’ve not just been blathering on about things that will never be, we bring you this short video of our comic being printed by the wonderful folks at Dolphin Printing.  By the time you read this, all of the copies (with some held out for reviews) will be on their way to David Gerrold for signing (fully insured for their replacement value – we’ll not fall prey to the machinations of the evil lord of lost shipments!  Take THAT! evil lords!).

Then, off to Troy for singing and, shortly thereafter, shipped off to your hot little hands.  (That’s just an expression…you may have hot big hands or hot medium sized hands for all we know. In either case, A Doctor for the Enterprise will fill them nicely.)

We’ll keep you informed of its progress as it crisscrosses the nation in its pursuit of a final home.

If you have already reserved a copy – good on you!  (It’s easy to do, just email this address and ask to reserve one – two maximum per customer).  Once we have them here at Amazing Stories HQ, we’ll contact you to finalize your order.

If you haven’t reserved a copy yet, you could wait to read the glowing reviews, or…you could make sure that you beat the rush and reserve one now.

For more information on A Doctor For the Enterprise, go here, or here.  You can visit this item’s entry in the store as well, but since this is a reservation, not an actual order, you won’t be able to place an order from there – merely admire its brilliance.

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