AMAZING NEWS: September 21, 2014


Mike Glyer’s File 770 – New of interest to fans
Day of the Jackpot 9/21

Gleeson Exhibit Opens in Pasadena

Which One?
Today’s logic quiz: Which of these books is not like the other? Extra credit given for your surprising (but logical!) answers.

2014 Copper Cylinder Awards

Pournelle Resumes Chaos Manor Reviews
Chaos Manor Reviews is back. Jerry Pournelle’s computer column, which originated inByte Magazine and made the leap to the internet, went dormant three years ago after he missed its deadline for the first time.

Lovecraft 2, PC 1

This Day, But Not In History 9/19
On September 19, 1961 while heading home from Canada through the mountains of New Hampshire, Betty and Barney Hill claimed they were abducted by a UFO.

Cameron KO’s Roger Dean in Avatar Suit
A U.S. District Court in New York has dismissed Roger Dean’s lawsuit against James Cameron: Dean had claimed aspects of the Avatar planet Pandora were stolen from his artwork.

Sizemore Takes Editor’s Seat at Apex
Owner/publisher Jason Sizemore is succeeding Sigrid Ellis as editor of Apex Magazine. He made the announcement today on its blog:

Looking for Angel to Save Bradbury’s Hugo

Phil Nichols of Bradburymedia would like to seeRay Bradbury’s Retro Hugo for Fahrenheit 451reunited with the collection at the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at IUPUI. That Hugo is on the auction block until September 25. The current bid is $5,000.

That Was The Week That Was In SF
Did you remember these sci-fi anniversaries? (Of course not. That’s why we’re here to remind you!)

Today’s Birthday Girl 9/17
Cassandra Peterson born September 17, 1951. A.k.a. Elvira, Misstress of the Dark.

Hertz Reviews Now Hosted By Lasfs
John Hertz’ reviews that used to be at have returned to the web on the LASFS website.

Sasquan Housing Opens
Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon, started taking hotel bookings today and a friend of mine trying to get into the Doubletree, closest to the convention center, found it is already unavailable. Anecdotal evidence is that the Doubletree filled almost immediately.

More Evidence That SF Is Mainstream
Lots of bad news last week in pro football, so today on Gregg Easterbrook’sTuesday Morning Quarterback is accompanied by this Sportsnation poll –

Letter To A Higher Critic
All I care about is whether I enjoy a writer’s work. Don’t be shocked when I say this: How much money a writer makes has nothing to do with how much I like his or her stories.

Download Free Di Filippo Novel
Chasing The Queen of Sassi by Paul Di Filippo was written after an inspiring visit to the Subterranean City of Matera, Italy – a World Heritage Site known for its ancient cave houses.

Snapshots 142 A Century After The Ultimate Answer
Here are 10 developments of interest to fans.

Today’s Birthday Boy 9/14
Who was that masked man? He was Clayton Moore, born a century ago today — on September 14, 1914.

efanzines header
(The latest adds to the online collection of fanzines;  note that there are far more fanzines, both archival and contemporary, on the site than are listed here)

SideTrekked-51Added page for SideTrekked, the clubzine of Science Fiction London (Ontario),edited by Mark C. Ambrogio




The autumnal edition of The Science Fact & Fiction Concatenation. edited by Jonathan Cowie, is now on line


Added Graham Charnock’s Vibrator 2.0.6






We’re a bit shy on news this week (more time pressures – the mundane world keeps intruding – than lack of news.  If you are looking for a social news fix, you can do no better than the Radish Review’s Link Post – here.

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