True Blood: It’s All Over

chi-true-blood-finale-review-20140825So the last, ever, ever, ever episode of True Blood aired this week – sad times. The series had already edged away from the books, so I wasn’t sure where it was going to go. Alcide had died so sadly Sookie wasn’t going to end up with him, but I was keeping my fingers crossed that she wasn’t going to end up with Bill.

Bill was ready to accept the true death and hopefully be with his family, all in the name of love so Sookie can lead a normal life and have her own family – something she couldn’t have with a vampire. That clearly meant if she ended up with Eric (which I would have liked) then Bill ending his life would be all for nothing. So of course Sookie must end up with a human. Ok so who? Anyone in the cast list that could be Sookie’s perfect man? Nope. So who should she end up with? Oh let’s just pull in a complete stranger and not even show the audience his face, as let’s face it that’s not important. Now that I was disappointed with. But I guess that is the difference between the books and the TV show. The books are the Sookie Stackhouse novels, they are about her life, if that was the show then yes who she ends up with is important. But the show was about a small town with the world of supernatural coming into the light when a synthetic blood is created, meaning vampires no longer need to feed on humans.

What I did love about this episode was Eric. Always my favourite of course, but he brought some great comedy to the last couple of episodes. The awkward sex scene with Ginger who has been his groupie for years all waiting for the time she might get to be with Eric, only for it all to be over in mere seconds. The scene where he is driving a car with dead bodies, covered in blood but dancing along to the music. And then there is the TV commercial for his New Blood product, what a double act Eric and Pam make!

I am going to miss this show, but think it has finished at the right time. So farewell Bon Temps. See you on the other side.

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