Khristo Poshtakov – Bulgaria’s Science Fiction Ambassador

By Radi Radev

khristoBulgarian science fiction has a world wide ambassador. His name is Khristo Poshtakov. His short stories and articles have been translated and published into English, Spanish, Russian, French, Dutch, Romanian, Greek, Italian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Tajik and Kyrgyz languages.

His novel “Sword, Might and Magic” with co-author Andrej Belyaninwas sold in Russia with an initial circulation of 30,000 copies and two additional printings of 6000 fora total of 42,000 copies.

Poshtakov received the Eurocon award for his collection of short stories “A Duty on Titan”.

He has also received an invitation from the Union of Writers in Spain for a week’s stay expenses paid, by the hosts. He has also received a similar invitation from the mayorof Nantes, France.

industrialuzmagia_grI would like to offer readers a quote from the most translated Bulgarian science fiction writer:

“How long, Frankie, how long?” – releases arrested conscience and tries to make me feel uncomfortable. I silence it with bubbles, which coming out of the tablet in a glass of water, drink the liquid and try to focus my thoughts, and they still wander like lost sheep waiting for the owner. I must withstand the coming storm, to bear the flow of reproaches and to come out purified. Here, the door behind me opens, angel of the nemesis arrives.”

Khristo Poshtakov, Adventures in Darville

It is estimated that this Bulgarian SF Ambassasdor has published about 130 stories. Poshtakov also writes articles about his native science fiction which he has published in Portugal, Denmark, Argentina and other countries.

Poshtakov speaks English, Russian and Spanish. Two of his books have been published in Spain. Poshtakov has also translated Spanish authors into Bulgarian. In fact,each year he spends at least a month in Spain.

He has attended multiple SF conventions in Denmark, Ukraine andRussia, where he is a worthy representative of Bulgarian Science Fiction. People who have met Khristo Poshtakov say he is charming, and quickly gains the hearts and minds of his audience.His friends with whom I consulted to write this article give a brief definition: “Khristo is cool.”

His writing talent,perfect mastery of four languages, and his charisma have made him exactly what he is:

The ambassador of Bulgarian science fiction to the world.


RadiR-200x300Our Guest Contributor, Radi Radev, has written extensively about Bulgarian Science Fiction.  He was interviewed recently here on Amazing Stories, has published a collection of his essays on the subject: Bulgarian Science Fiction: An Author’s Perspective and writes a blog on the subject: Radi Radev.

More on the subject of Bulgarian SF can be found on the archives of the World SF Blog and in the SF Encyclopedia.

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