There’s a New Trio of Superheroes in Town


now tvSome of you might recall a competition I wrote about from Now TV which was to create a superhero and he/she might just be brought to life. Well the competition happened, the winners were chosen and the animated film was made, created by renowned comic book writer Rob Williams.

Cable, Spark and Tamashi, the greatest crime-fighting trio of our time were created by Frazer Barrington, Mark Percy and Kelsey Cruddace. Two powerful superheroes, Cable & Spark, collide after being tricked into thinking they’re responsible for a spate of bank robberies. Little do they know that it’s all the ploy of an evil thief. Thankfully Tamashi and her superpower ‘Shadow’ are there to save the day as the trio realise that the secret to success is working together.

To celebrate this video, Now TV is running a superhero movie collection including Man of Steel, The Amazing Spider-Man and even Dick Tracy! You’ll find the full list to watch here.



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