POLL: Weigh in on our fiction release schedule.

Amazing Stories – the magazine – has as one of its goals the regular publication of both new and reprint fiction on a regular, sustainable basis.

One major concern regarding how we would go about doing that was the internet’s ever voracious maw;  the internet wants new stuff, all the time.

ALL the time.

In order to at least partially meet that requirement, we established the multi-author blog portion of our website.  As our readers know, there’s always something new in the blog, each and every day of the week.

But how to compliment that with contents in the magazine?  Traditional magazines are finite, consisting of an issue of bundled contents, and that is a tradition that we also wish to emulate.

We’ve implemented our strategy with the 88th Anniversary issue, by releasing fiction throughout the course of the month, with new fiction and features approximately every other day.

Our intention is to bundle that contents together at the end of the month and offer up a complete issue in electronic format.  (Later, when we have more issues, we will likewise bundle three issues together and offer a ‘quarterly’ and, at the end of the year, we’ll bundle the entire volume together as an ‘annual’.  Pricing will be scaled;  you may have to wait a bit, but your patience will be rewarded with a reduced cost.)

So now that we’ve almost completed this first test rollout, we’d like to hear what you think and so have put together a short poll.

Please share your thoughts.


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