Fiction In Amazing Stories Today: Customer Service by John Purcell

Customer-Service-by-John-Purcel-d-72dpiAppearing in Amazing Stories’ 88th Anniversary issue today, a slice of life’s typical annoyances from the near future in John Purcell’s CUSTOMER SERVICE.

This story was originally published in Shelby VIck’s Planetary Stories #18, a fine publication carrying on the pulp tradition.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy discovering that no matter how far we travel into the future, bureaucratic red tape will be our constant companion.

Head on over to the magazine section of the site to give it a read.

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  1. Whow. Just whow. Hard to believe, seeing this today. You know, Steve, this has kind of come full circle. In the summer of 1975 Ted White ran a letter of mine in AMAZING STORIES: the first letter I ever wrote and had published in a pro mag. So nearly 40 years later, this appears. Gets me a bit verklempt, it does. Many thanks for running this!

    Now I’ll have to write more stories! See? Look what you’ve done! It’s all your fault, Steve Davidson!

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