Amazing Stories History

The Covers and contents of Amazing Stories first year of issues.

Started in 1926, Amazing Stories has quite the history.  We’re celebrating its 88th anniversary all this month (though truth to tell it’s only actually celebrated 75 of those birthdays, missing a few in the late 90s, a few in the aughts and a handful more since 2005).

It occurs to me that most readers may not have as intimate a familiarity with the magazine as I do, nor have a collection of the issues to turn to and may not be familiar with the several fine resources there are to be found on the net that can tell you all kinds of wonderful things about each and every issue of the world’s first, sometimes the world’s finest and occasionally the world’s most execrable, science fiction magazine.

We’re going to start rectifying that right now with a new (occasional) feature that combines the information that can be found on several web resources, notably Philip Stephenson-Payne’s Galactic Central website – where one can peruse complete collections of pulp magazine covers for days – and the Internet Speculative Fiction DataBase (ISFDB), wherein one can ascertain the contents of many (most) of those self-same pulp magazines.

Today we’re going to cover Amazing Stories initial run.


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