TONIGHT: NYE vs HAM – or – Evolution vs Creationism

140203123105-science-guy-creationism-story-topThe long awaited “battle of the beliefs*” takes place tonight and the live stream of the event is FREE.

You can even sign up for a free email reminder (and or pre-order a DVD or download copies of the completed event) on

CNN gave a platform to both participants (in keeping with the whole delusion that there is some kind of equivalence between the two positions).  You can read Nye here and Ham here.

Indeed, Nye is taking a bit of heat from the scientific community for lending creationism credibility example…another example

Regardless, the livestream is free and it promises to be at least marginally interesting, though I doubt very much anyone is going to change their minds.

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  1. I predict both sides will declare victory, after the debate. This is mostly because there is no dialectic. I don’t think it’s possible to make meaningful progress when the two parties can not agree on what constitutes as a reasonable argument, and actual logic only works on those who understand and value it.

    I’ve actually met people with degrees in philosophy who’ve completely renounced it, leaving absolutely no objective means of ever convincing them they’re wrong about anything. So even education can just be a way for an asshole to learn how to be more obstinate.

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