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    TechnovelgyLogoTechnovelgy. Not quite as awkward as scientifiction, but close enough that the site’s curator includes a definition right up there on the front page.

    Technovelgy does two things and it does both of them well: it matches up technological innovations created by SF authors within their works with the real-world realization of the same. Want to find that Heinlein waterbed connection? Or even his Tumblebugs (from The Roads Must Roll) realized as a motorized unicycle? Technolvegy is the place. You can search by author, innovation or work title.

    The site also gathers science fiction in the news – a gathering of news bites that demonstrates SF-created technology being realized today.

    There’s a lot more SF under our sun than you might realize.

    Be warned: the site may be a time suck if you enjoy reading about science fiction’s real-world accomplishments as much as I do. And don’t forget that the site lets you submit your own SF-to-real-tech discoveries as well. (I got Chandler’s door-keeping robot in there!)


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