AMAZING News 1/5/2014

Lots of ‘ring in the new!’ news – And don’t miss our News Special from Frederik Pohl’s The Way the Future Blogs

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Damien G. Walter Proclaims 2014 Beginning of the End of Old White Male Dominance of Genre 

Where Are the Black Women In Science Fiction?


John Scalzi Adds 13th Sign To Chinese Calendar:  “Year Of the Asshole”

p01_rur_breakoutTangentOnline OTR Presents:  Rossum’s Universal Robots – the play that “invented” the word Robot

—PLEASE NOTE— Amazing Stories does NOT endorse internet piracy.

Reddit ‘Full Length Movies’ On Youtube List (Note:  Some/Many of the films listed are in violation of IP rights:  many others are potentially so.)

Reddit Full Length Science Fiction On Youtube (See caveat above)

Reddit Full Length Horror On Youtube (See caveat above)

—PLEASE NOTE— Amazing Stories does NOT endorse internet piracy*.

Harlan Ellison & Stan Lee To Appear On Simpsons

apom msFANDOM

A Princess of Mars Original Manuscript Page (via Patrick Dearen on Facebook)

New Star Trek Phase II Episode Debuts (via David Gerrold)

Surprising Stories January 14 Issue

Kameron Hurley Makes Excuses For Science Fiction

Not Science Fiction Writers?


SF Romance 2014 New Release Roundup

Michael Burstein Named President of Society for the Advancement of Speculative Storytelling

BSFS Earth Squadron Movie Project

Jo Walton – The Future Is Stll Bright

Last Issue of Electronic Velocipede

Scott Edelman Leaves Blastr

Ares Gaming Magazine Re-Launch

As If There Wasn’t Enough In the Streets Already – Lightspeed Magazine Is Looking For More Slush (Readers)


Top 10 Science Fiction Films Chosen By Scientists

Competition Reveals Robots Not Quite There Yet (or so they want you to believe)

Hope This Isn’t A Trend:  2014’s First Asteroid Impacts Our Atmosphere

4 out of these 1,058 People May Go To Mars

Time Travelers On the Internet?

Jury Out On Exactly How Accurate Asimov’s 1964 Predictions Were (We think ‘job well done’)

Surveillance Tech Creepier Than You Think

*Following a review, it was determined that Reddit “Full Length Movie” lists do contain a substantial percentage of material that is in the public domain and/or has been made available by its rights owners.

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