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When I announced Amazing’s change of scheduling (contributor blog posts have all been moved to Monday – Friday, editorials on Saturday, special features and news on Sundays) I forgot to mention that Saturday’s editorial space would also be used to make announcements regarding the site and happenings and to update you all on the progress of various things.

This is, I think, an appropriate modification.  At the very least it lets me get off the hook when it comes to editorials that are just not finished yet.  So henceforth and forthwith, a random collection of information regarding the insider happenings at the Experimenter Publishing Company, the parent company of Amazing Stories.

Items covered herein are:

New Site Design
New Scheduling Changes
Author Poll
Holiday Wishes


Woodall Designs – our erstwhile development team – has been working on an enhancement to our front page.

Our generalized design goal is to be accessible across all platforms (PC, tablet, phone). Our “working concept” is to emulate Huffington Post’s design where it makes sense to do so.

The next iteration of our front page will be taking a big step forward in realizing that presentation. More articles will be immediately available on the front page and a secondary menu will allow readers to focus in on the articles that address their interests. We think this will make for a more personal experience while visiting the site.


As mentioned briefly before, we are modifying our weekly schedule. Contributor posts have all been moved to run on Monday’s thru Fridays. (We always willing to consider new contributors as well.)
Our contributors post articles on subjects that interest them and that fall within 15 different interest categories. Those are (not in any particular order):

five categories of literature – science fiction, fantasy, horror, poetry and the pulps
Comics & graphic stories
Games and toys
Modeling (as in building)
Audio works (podcasts, audio books)
How Tos & advice (writing, publishing, marketing, etc)

Our goal is to eventually have a post for each of those subjects, five days a week. (Yes, it is an ambitious goal. I believe in being ambitious.)

Having stated the subjects, please note that they are not exclusive. If another subject or two comes along that warrants being added, we’ll be happy to stretch our goals even more.

I’d like to have more posts on a few of our topics, audio works and science probably chief among them.

Fridays we offer a concentration of posts on the subject of Fandom. Fan history, convention reports, fanzines. I’d like to see this concentration expand; I’d welcome club reports, more convention reports (and announcements); more on costuming, filking and con-running itself.

Saturdays has now been reserved for in-house features (television show schedules, streaming video availability, etc) and editorializing and essays of an editorial nature.

The editorial space is open to anyone who would like to address a topic affecting fandom, our genres or that may be of general interest to fans. If you have an axe to grind or a point to be made, feel free to utilize this space.

Sunday’s have settled in on additional in-house features – our weekly news roundup, our reprising of the most popular posts of the week and our focus on an outside website of interest to fans. We also run novel excerpts and art galleries.

If you have suggestions for additions or changes we are, as the saying goes, all ears. (Shouldn’t that be “all eyes”? It’s most likely we’ll be reading those suggestions, not listening to them….)


Up till now we have sourced our excerpts locally (meaning from among our contributors). That will be changing as of January 15th, 2014.

On January 15th, 2014 we will open up our publication of excerpts to outside submissions.

The submission platform has not yet been chosen. It may be a third party…it may be nothing more than properly addressing an email. Regardless, we’ll announce the mechanism on January 15th.

There are a few rules and guidelines that will apply regardless of the methodology.

First. We view this as a promotional opportunity for the author & publisher. As such, excerpt publication will be surrounded with other materials designed to enhance that promotional opportunity. Those submitting excerpts may or may not take advantage of those additional opportunities, which will include: an interview with the author or a profile of the creators, ad space for the excerpted property, links to purchasing opportunities, inclusion in our library, a guest post.

Second: Excerpts are to be drawn from novel-length works (or the equivalent in audio or graphic art form)

Third: The excerpt should be self-contained. It should be accompanied by a set-piece/introduction that provides the context and background to the excerpt, sufficient to set the scene for readers (and hopefully enticing enough to get them to purchase the full-length work).

Fourth: whatever our guidelines end up being, not following them will guarantee a rip to the circular file. Abuse of the excerpt process will result in permanent consignment to the circular file.

Fifth: The FIRST rule is – we are NOT YET OPEN to submissions. Don’t query, don’t send anything until the full program has been unveiled on January 15th.

And YES this programs is OPEN to both traditionally published and indie published works.


I’m playing around with the idea of commissioning individual authors for a story (short to novella lengths) to be published monthly as the next step in bringing Amazing Stories back. I’m thinking about posting a poll, asking our readers to “nominate” authors to be contacted.

I’d want each story to be accompanied by a “cover” illustration, perhaps and interior illo or two, along with a talk with the author and a selected bibliography of their works. The story/interview/artwork would originally be published here on the site and would then be made available as a chapbook in both electronic and print forms.

What say you all?


Hanukah has passed, Christmas and New Years and other similar holidays are just on the horizon. I and everyone here at Amazing Stories wish you all the best during this extended holiday season.

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