Film Review: Percy Jackson — Sea of Monsters


I was pleasantly surprised when I first watched Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. It had a great cast, some great action and Logan Lerman wasn’t half bad as a modern day demi-god. So, when I heard a sequel was coming out, I was excited to check it out.

Then, I watched—and realised that Pierce Brosnan hadn’t signed on for the second film, and although Nathan Fillion (love him) came on board as Hermes, no other Olympians were in sight. I know they’re not in the title of the film, as per the first film, but you’d at least think that Percy’s dad Poseidon would make an appearance, especially when a brother appears on the scene.

I do love films that cover this mythology (although Troy for me was all wrong completely changing many important parts of the story, including characters that live and die), but I’m afraid, for me, its clear with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters that the film is lacking the famous characters. It doesn’t matter how many times they mention Zeus, et al, the lack of them appearing in the film just made it a bit disappointing for me. It felt like the Hangover 2. When it is pretty much the same story, just a slightly different situation or setting but not as funny, but in this case not as exciting.

I wonder if this is the end of this film franchise?

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  1. How funny, Samantha, I actually watched this last night!!

    I had similar feelings to you. I liked the first one and was pretty surprised how good it was. Then the second one started and Pierce Brosnan wasn’t there. Then Sean Bean wasn’t there either and I started to think ‘Uh-oh’. Then the film continued and I fell asleep. :\

    I have a feeling this is the death knell on this series. If I can’t keep me awake then surely it’s doomed?! It was okay in parts, but the end really was awful. As if they were filming and then suddenly realised they had five seconds left so through a quick cliffhanger on the end.

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