The Originals Isn’t Exactly Original


When I heard that the original vampires from “The Vampire Diaries” series were getting their own spin off show I was excited, expecting to see an origin story of how they became vampires and witness them through the many years that they have lived.

The show is a few episodes in and its clear that its just another “Vampire Diaries” set in modern day America with lots of flash backs. It’s interesting because we already know many of the characters, but do we really need another “Vampire Diaries?”

I thought this spin off had potential to explore the background of these characters, have a bit of fun and play around in the different eras they have lived in. The show’s creators also seem to have forgotten about the rest of the family that have appeared in Vampire Diaries and since been killed off. Will we ever see them again or is the show going to ignore them in all of the flashbacks?

I’m sure that this show will have a following but, as with all spin offs, you have to offer something a little different to the sister show, not just the same story with a different setting.

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