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drink tank illoToday we introduce you to the Hugo Award winning fanzine from Christopher J. Garcia and James Bacon – The DRINK TANK.

Chris’ Hugo acceptance speech is legendary So much so that numerous websites picked it up and you can see it here.  If you want to get some small idea of how important fanzines are to fandom, you really need to watch this video.  Pay particular attention to the applause when the winner is announced.  And watch Chris.

Announced in the video is Chris’s intention to have 300 contributors for the 300th issue of The Drink Tank.

The intention was realized and now you can read the results – 300 individual contributors to the 300th issue – articles, artwork, observations, the kitchen sink even puts in an appearance.  If you read this issue all the way through, you’ll gain a real appreciation for what fanzines are all about.

All current Drink Tank issues (and many, many, many other fine fanzines) can be found and read on

Chris also edits several other fanzines (Journey Planet) and Podcasts and also writes for Amazing Stories

Read The Drink Tank in its native habitat here



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