The Artful Collector: Art Reporting From the Trenches at LSC3

I arrived in San Antonio on a very sunny and hot Thursday, and soon as I unpacked I headed out to collect my membership badge for LoneStarCon3, which means this is the 3rd time the SF Worldcon has been held here (the last time was 1997 – and I was here then, too). Soon as I checked in for my programming packet I headed to the art show.  I was happy to see all the paintings had made it to the display.

LoneStarCon 3Going to Worldcon is like a cross between a high school reunion and a crazy kind of geek mardi gras.  Some of the people I see here I only get to see once a year….over 35 years, and counting. So each time we meet we have to spend 2-3 minutes just getting used to seeing each other again.  We’re all growing older together, although we are spending most of our lives apart. 🙂

The highlight of my Thursday was the “collectors dinner” that night.  It’s a long-standing, although little-known tradition for a small but dedicated group of collectors to host dinners for each other whenever the worldcon is held in one of our home towns… And this worldcon was no exception.  The host gets to show off their collection, and “bragging rights” are a full part of the evening. I cannot divulge our names, because we are a somewhat tightly knit group…but let me say that our hosts got “oohs and ahs” and not for the food, but rather for the 200-300 fine vintage, pulp and contemporary sf/f paintings in their collection ….. Certainly one of the best.

Friday’s highlight for me, of course, was the Chesley Awards (see my previous post for background).  And hot off the presses, here’s an early report on the winners: Best hardback book cover, Todd Lockwood; Best paperback cover, John Picacio; Best magazine cover, Ken Barthelmey;, Best Interior illustration, Sam Burley;Best Monochrome Work Unpublished, Raoul Vitale, Best Color Work Unpublished, Julie Bell;Best 3-D Work, James Shoop; Best Gaming Related Illustration, David Palumbo;Best Product Illustration, John Picacio; Best Art Director, Irene Gallo (Tor Books); Lifetime Achievement, Gerald Brom.  All the nominees were truly outstanding…and congrats to all the winners! To see that for yourself, just check out the ASFA website!

See my Next post for details on the artshow and some of attending artists…plus art related program items!

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