From the In Box 4/19/13

Mather offers .99 cent deal on Cyberstorm
Larry Tucker – Send Letters, Look for Tapes

Matthew Mather, author of Cyberstorm, currently the number 1 novel in Amazon’s Techno-Thriller category, is on sale for a limited time for the low, low (low) price of 99 cents. You can order your copy here.


From File 770: Larry Tucker, the long-time Michigan fan who has been in a nursing home since he suffered a serious stroke two years ago, was hospitalized at the beginning of April for colon surgery. Reports immediately after the surgery were favorable. He was expected to be returned to his nursing home after a week recovering in the hospital.

Our own Leah Zeldes is quoted from her Amazing Stories piece on Larry  (how’s that for recursiveness?).

The article goes on to mention that Larry could use some fannish communication (an address is provided) and that Leah would like assistance with locating some of the audio and video tapes Larry made of early conventions – “The Thing That Ate Gargonzola State University,” “Big Bird Eats Moon,” “Uncle Albert’s Electric Talking Fanzine” (audio tape) or “Uncle Albert’s Video Fanzine,”

If you have a copy of any of these tapes, or know where one or more might be found, you can send a note to Mike at File 770 – or you could short circuit the whole recursive thing and send an email to Leah right here at Amazing stories.

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