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Frank Wu and his wife Brianna ‘Spacekat’ Wu have designed a game called REVOLUTION 60.  It looks quite awesome!  The back-story sees the resurrection of a cold war environment, though this time with China, a return to space, Secrets-in-Space and the adventures of a crew of female operatives from the shady, quasi-governmental agency known as Chessboard.  Hmmm.  Could we all be pawns in an interplanetary game of chess?  (Perhaps we are already….)  I don’t know and I don’t care – I’m in love with the whole thing, from Brianna’s renderings of Commander Holiday and the rest of her crew to Frank’s space station N313 to his AKB93 stabby laser rifle.

Here’s Commander Holiday (almost as alluring as Brianna, almost)

Rev607and the N313 spacestation:

Rev6012and best of all – promotional trailer for the game:

Ima gonna be gettin me a copy! When it goes on sale in October of this year!

Speaking of things coming back, SFSignal informs us that many of the interviews from a west coast radio show called Hour 25 can now be found on YouTube.  Famously, Harlan Ellison often hosted the show and can be heard serving as sidekick in some episodes as well.  The show itself is still going on and the folks over there have been talking for a while about making their archives available.  Perhaps this represents the beginning of that effort.  You can listen to many of your favorite authors and artists on Youtube, including Philip K. Dick, the Pinis, Larry Niven & Jerry Pournellem Harry Harrison.  Me, I’m holding out for the shows they did with A. Bertram Chandler.  (The link is to clips from the show, Harry Harrison talking about Fandom!)

And speaking of Fandom – tomorrow I will be running a piece featuring Steve Stiles and his artwork that has been synonymous with fanzine and convention fandom for years!



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  1. I should also add that the game will be released in October for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPad Mini).

    We're a small team making this team; so we are all mutli-multi-hyphenates. In addition to lead spaceship designer, I am also executive producer, the entire legal department, lead 3D modeler, story consultant, sandwich-maker-bringer-of-coffee-to-the-director-writer-Brianna-Spacekat-Wu-the-awesomeness, and scientific advisor.

    Our female super-agents, for example, have blood shot through with nanobots. If they need to get into the brain to re-arrange any memories, the nanobots can pass through the BBB (blood-brain-barrier) by disrupting the membrane with a quick explosion of sugar – like a spy slipping through a security door with a false ID. The nanobots also have polymorphic tails which can change shape (and charge distribution), thus mimicking ligands which bind to various receptors on different tissues. Thus, they can go around, hovering over cells, touching different receptors and setting off biochemical cascades that can cause the cells themselves to move, grow or produce different hormones or other compounds. The nanobots also can evade the immune system by plucking native glycoproteins off cells as they pass by (like the way Luke and Han wear stolen stormtrooper uniforms). They are also powered passively, receiving regular energy broadcast from those silver bubbles in Holiday's and Min's boots.

    So, yeah, I get to think of all this hand-wavy pseudo-sciency stuff, too!

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