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Outpost by W. Michael Gear Review

Space Westerns are making a come back

Review: This Ray Gun for Hire . . . and Other...

If Quentin Tarantino wrote a western space opera, you would end up with something like John M. Whalen’s raucous “This Ray Gun for Hire . . . and Other Tales."

I finally saw Avatar and I’ve rarely been so conflicted.

Darren Slade has come late to the Avatar party, and has mixed feelings about what he found there.

BOOK and MOVIE REVIEWS: 11/22/63 and Whalen’s THE BIG SHUTDOWN!  

This week, Steve travels into the future with John Whalen's "Space Western," and into the past with Stephen King's novel about events surrounding John F. Kennedy's assassination. Both future and past hold our interest!
audio cuento de ciencia ficción

Cosmocáspsula Ep. 3 – Audio cuento: “Una simple negociación” por Edher...

Cosmocapsula presents the audio story - A Simple Negotiation

Radioisotopes and Dude Ranches

SF Westerns were the genre's first break out hit (kinda)

Scide Splitters: Uncharted Territory by Connie Willis

Why does it always seem that romantic comedies are funnier at the beginning? Scide Splitters attempts to answer that question while reviewing Connie Willis’ Uncharted Territory.

Review: The Big Shutdown by John M. Whalen

The Big Shutdown by John M. Whalen is a fun read that will remind readers just why pulp fiction, westerns, and ray guns belong together.

Flying W Press Announces the Return of The Big Shutdown

Flying W re-releases a space western classic!

Crossroads: The Western Hero in Speculative Fiction

Someone once said that every story starts with someone either coming to town, or leaving town. And there is no genre for which this...