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Summer 2014 SF Anime Preview

Sailor Moon is finally here, and it's bringing friends! See what's coming your way with the new anime season.

Is the Anime Renaissance Upon Us?

An examination of the world of anime in its current state and with its current offerings.

What Were You Expecting, Baby?

A look at criticism of Space Dandy and some thoughts with relation to Cowboy Bebop.

Anime roundup 1/9/2014: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

In this week's viewing: High hopes meet reality in the first batch of winter premieres.

Dandy Delivers the Goods, Baby

A look at Space Dandy, a new anime series.

Winter 2014 SF Anime Preview

What's coming to the intersection of anime and sf worlds in January? (Spoiler: No Sailor Moon, unfortunately.) So many new and renewed shows you'd think it was Christmas or something!