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San Diego Comic Con and the Ungrateful Fanboys

We live in a golden age of science fiction and fantasy as highlighted by San Diego Comic Convention, but all some fanboys know how to do is whine about it.


After congratulating himself on his 40 years doing conventions, Steve discusses a quasi-SF-ish book about superheroes on TV in the 1950s. It's fun!

AMAZING THINGS: Welcome To Night Vale @ SDCC

Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale: Back for Another Cross-Over Show During San Diego Comic-Con weekend

Interview: Black Science Fiction Artist: Eric Wilkerson

My earliest memories are of waking up to watch the Jetsons, Voltron, and many other sci fi–based cartoons of the 80s.

Sequential Wednesdays #17 – Comic-Con: A Recounting

Another year, another Comic-Con touches down in San Diego's historic Gaslamp district and billows the hell around and makes a metric ton of people...

Zachary Clemente Is Exhausted After SDCC

Zachary Clemente, author of Sequential Wednesdays (a feature that normally appears here on ... Wednesdays) will be skipping today's entry due to SDCC-Attendance-Syndrome, otherwise...

Sequential Wednesdays #16 – San Diego Comic-Con 2013

It's finally here!  I've attended San Diego Comic-Con in mid-July for about the past 11 years and it's never been stale.  Sure, there are...

World War Z: The Complete Edition Review

Being visually impaired, I love audiobooks and one of the first ones I listened to via Audible was the abridged version of World War...