Animanga: Surprisingly Not A Man’s World

I am glad that I’ve never had to defend myself and what I love because of something so trivial as my gender expression. I can only hope that the entirety of fandom can grow to this point and further as dialogues surrounding hobbies and sexism continue to spring forth.

Evolution of an Otaku: Conflict of Identity

If you had asked me at the age of fourteen if I considered myself an otaku, I would have raised one snarky eyebrow at you and said, “Obviously.”  And it was pretty obvious, too, what with my too-big anime T-shirts and the constant presence of a sketchbook full of fan art, not to mention my…speech […]

I, Shebot

If this photo gives you the creeps, congratulations, you may be human. But in another few years, it may not be so easy to tell. And as usual, science fiction is largely to blame.