One Piece

Animanga: Surprisingly Not A Man’s World

I am glad that I’ve never had to defend myself and what I love because of something so trivial as my gender expression. I can only hope that the entirety of fandom can grow to this point and further as dialogues surrounding hobbies and sexism continue to spring forth.

Doujinshi: Distinctly Japanese

There are many expressions of fandom that cross genres and cultures – fan fiction, fan art, even cosplay.  But there is one form in particular that is distinctly Japanese, both in its origin and in its current form, and that is doujinshi.  The term refers to anything that is self-published (“doujin” means “same person”), but […]

The Future of Manga Looks Dire

I tend to avoid bookstores these days – not because I’m opposed to them in any way; quite to the contrary, I have a ravenous book-owning addiction, and I prefer to remove temptation when possible.  But this past Thursday was my birthday, and I decided that it was acceptable for me to go ahead and […]