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This week Steve repurposes and re-edits an old column, hoping it will be new to at least some of you. It’s all about conventions and nametags, anyway, so if you’re not interested, go watch the snow or something. (Ed's inside joke: No orcas yet...)


Steve tells you where to get a free SF book and revisits/rewrites an old column dealing with Worldcons and nametags and such.

LASER BOOKS: Science Fiction from Harlequin Books?!

Laser books was a flash-in-the-pan series of SF books put out by romance publisher Harlequin, and edited by the late Roger Elwood. Steve takes a quick look at the series, hoping to pique your interest. Steve also offers a book Giveaway!

“I WONDER WHAT THE VINTNERS BUY…” A Christmas Card Column      

Steve talks about artists and their Christmas cards. (Only a day late, right?) Merry Christmas!

CLASSIC SF MOVIES #2: George Pal’s Destination Moon

Steve reviews a seminal classic: Destination Moon, the first Hollywood SF blockbuster that respected both science and science fiction.

ROBERT A. HEINLEIN’S JUVENILES: Are they still good? (Part Two of...

Steve posits some similarities between Robert A. Heinlein and Captain America in this continuation of his examination of the RAH "juveniles".

Tag — You’re it! One Fan’s History Through Nametags

Egoboo can be found in all kinds of strange places - including science fiction conventions!

One Fan’s History — Badges? We Don’ Need No Steenkin’…(Part One)

Every con has a name badge, and most of them are well designed, like a little piece of art. Badge collecting is a great way to save convention memories

A Fan’s History, Part 1

I’m going to assume that you are a science fiction reader of some kind, since you’re here at Amazing Stories magazine’s website. Are you...