LoneStarCon 3

Review: Kim Stanley Robinson’s 2312

As with all Mr. Robinson’s books he involves his personal sensitivities to the environment and his ecological concerns within the story. Global warming has had profound effects on Earth and the parts of the story that take place there present these problems realistically.

Why yes, I’m going to WorldCon by Christopher J Garcia

I love WorldCons, and not just because that’s where the Hugos are given. I’ve been to a few of them, and had a great time at every one of them. This year has some promise of being one of the better ones despite the incredibly high cost of hotel rooms. And flights. ESPECIALLY flights… The […]


Yesterday, the nominations for the 2013 Hugo Awards (which will be presented at LoneStarCon 3 later this year) were announced live at several conventions and posted to to the official Hugo Awards website (where the information below was obtained).  See my commentary at the end. Best Novel (1113 nominating ballots cast) 2312, Kim Stanley Robinson […]