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Steve looks at Netflix's new SF offering by The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczinski. The season starts slowly but begins to build quickly after episode 1.

“I WONDER WHAT THE VINTNERS BUY…” A Christmas Card Column      

Steve talks about artists and their Christmas cards. (Only a day late, right?) Merry Christmas!

REVIEWS: An Hilarious Short Story, a Horrific Movie, and a Book

Why do the short story and the movie get adjectives in the title, but not the book? Steve tells why.

MOVIE REVIEW: Does TRANSCENDENCE transcend its genre?

Does the movie Transcendence transcend the "sci-fi" label? Steve checks it out.

LEGO MOVIE vs. WRECK-IT RALPH: “You Gotta Have Heart!”

The Lego Movie is out on DVD--does it lack heart? Steve tells all.